Sunday, January 2, 2011

Great Expections

photo courtesy of : Danielle Kelly

accept for the delivery
of donations
she sat ready, parasol pink
at prefect angle; Great Expectations
had her looking seaward, binding
time to shells - collecting, basting sunrise after
sunrise into a smile
with salt; clothed in promise

copyrighted 2011

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  1. Wondefrul take on the promt, bkm. I couldn't tell if she was standing or sitting when I tried this one, and then went with the former. Certainly changes the whole complexion. In addition to the literary reference and natural elements, the alliteration adds a ocean billowing tempo. Great challenge response! Happy New Year :)

  2. Miss Havisham! When did you leave England? ;-)

  3. thank you Dustus...feel good to get back in the swing of routine....

    Shay....she is everywhere...this Miss Havisham..(also, I added your fav picture as new page header)...working on getting that developed for the new year....bkm

  4. Very well done, great setting for it and leaving me with more anticipation as to what will happen next. I could swear when I looked at the photo it really WAS pink for a moment, something standing out in the black and white.

  5. Love "basting sunrise into sunrise into a smile frozen with salt." Yep, Miss Havisham is everywhere, but nowhere more than in your poem. Thanks.

  6. I like the line 'pink parasol at perfect angle'. Personally, I was picturing the gown a rosy pink, so the pink parasol fits into my imagination also. After reading all the many poems of this photo prompt, funny we see the same photo, but we all interpret it differently.

  7. You catch that hopeless air under all the finery well, bkm..."binding time to shells"..nice. And your comments on my piece cracked me up--Ma would definitely get the handgun out then, I think. ;-)

  8. Beautifully written. It's lyrical, and the allusions are pitch-perfect.

  9. Barbara,

    This does have a 'Dickensian' edge, also a bit of more modern Tennessee Williams -- a shell menagerie!

    The image of basting is marvelous.


  10. Amazing poem - really enjoyed it. Ok off to work thanks bkm!

  11. Great Expectations - Miss Havisham - yes, I think you caught it perfectly.

  12. Liked how the sun moved into frozen, and frozen with salt which shouldn't happen! That's exactly how poetry should take on an image.

  13. Dear B,
    Every woRd you choose is so perfect in the line
    The salt and shells smelt,'clothed in promise' oh my-
    Prefect is perfect too

  14. Oh, so beautiful! Classic Signed... BKM. Thanks for your comment!

  15. dickens..the old curiosity shop...really good write...happy new year to you...pete