Thursday, January 13, 2011

Channel Surfering

i have been channel surfing lately
hop-scotching across scared burial grounds
thumbing through discarded recipes boxes
one can find wisdom in a thrift shop back room,
a blue rabbit's foot clinging to chain,
a drop of magic still lingering at the bottom
of a Jim Beam bottle -

current affairs
have left me thinking
we missed something along the way here
maybe a master script awaiting decryption, the true formula
for human integrity, or an eighth
deadly sin needing to be shed

but antiquity seems
to have developed its own rules - now
requiring specialised study, specific methods
i am not qualified
to perform -
i even have caught wind
that bones have organized unions, set a going labor
rate for channel surfers (i feel i am beginning to buy
into this conspiracy thing) - think i should head
underground, change my username,
my passwords, Note:

thrift stores have
started serving Starbuck's - in their rare book section;
addiction is everywhere -  think i'll slip out
back - hit up a taxi driver for
a ride to the nearest casino - have a talk
with the chief about this
union thing.....

copyrighted 2011


  1. Like your commentary about our modern culture and the search for the formula for human integrity.

  2. Liked this poem, Barbara, particularly the phrases:
    "hop-scotching across scared burial grounds" (I like 'scared' and not 'sacred')
    "one can find wisdom in a thrift shop back room"
    "antiquity seems to have developed its own rules"

  3. Thanks Paul and Gordon...glad you both liked it ...have been hop-scotching for the past few days and finally got it down....bkm

  4. nice very nice
    and as for channeling..yep your doing it

  5. poetry has a way of helping us get to, see, what seems difficult to understand... your poetry does this, it sheds light on what doesn't quite seem right in society...

    nicely done.

  6. welcome to the world...your way right away and in a way that will keep you coming back for more...

  7. How poetically you take on conspiracy theories. When one view of the world gets to be too much, I channel surf too. This was incredible,

  8. Brilliant. I love your style, and what you have to say.

  9. Loved it! "addiction is everywhere." That is so true. Love your work, darling! :)

  10. Fantastic write and a read that what most enjoyed. These are the very reasons I am considering exile! lol Might stand a better chance at battling my own demons...Loved it!

  11. This is a fantastic look/view at our modern society, and the reasons to opt out!

    I loved this poem, Bk! It speaks so much to what we know is happening even to some dusty, dead thrift store...the last bastion of used and discarded: it's now so trendy.

    We need to blaze our own paths, especially as poets, otherwise we become just fodder for fashion (and fashion in the broadest sense!)

    Lady Nyo

  12. Beautiful write and I sense this hmm how do i say it but something so familiar to me..

  13. Love evderyone's comments...I so appreciate you stopping in and taking your time to leave a word or two...again..thank you...bkm

  14. Now here's a commentary I can sink my teeth into! Good tell-all on modern culture...a lot of people could keep this in mind and take it to heart. As Brian said - welcome to the world! Ugh. Great descriptions though, and a fine commentary all around.