Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Am I Think...

I am I think-  a poet
I thought I was something other once
(woman, mother)
or twice - but since have had to renounce all else
for fear of coming, succumbing
to the needs of it, money, love or dependent colors
of a sun filled morning..that too fails
as I fear I do

But poetry can be written even on a day
without color - even grey or black in light
and night will hold it too
or without love then it still seems to
come through,
somehow a line
accepted - a song, sung or wept
that can be as child cradled, or as duty fulfilled
with a promise of something more -
greater than any wailing wall
or any hall of fame's golden door

I can hold all pageant
in it - poetry - its mirrored grooming of word
whether its a vision of mind or mindlessness referred to,
it still is the self, my exposed wealth
these words
held extremely dear, as truth
manifested only to be viewed unkempt,
dissolvable, improbable by any other
displayed label said of life - (wife, friend, monster)
faceless it always is, poetry
unpainted, unwilling - to accept any lie, and if it
asks that I should love today, I do - willingly
if it asks that I cry, I cry....

copyrighted 2010

Posted for the Poetry Pantry, Poets United


  1. A wonderful description of a poet and the poet's life. Nice. :-)

  2. ºNever had i seen such an approriate and so poignant and realistic description of this I love doing as well.
    Writing poetry has nothing to do and evything to do with our state of mind... and especially when we cry and don't know why and especially when we celebrate anything as a good reason to write...

    You have done a great work here, Bkm

    BTW the link to the link to potry pantry leads nowhere (?)
    and thanks for or always beatiful words and work.


  3. thank you Paul and Dulce...I will fix the link...thanks..bkm

  4. I was held spellbound by the very first line ... the very last line, and every one in between. Yes, poetry is all that we are, that we dream to be, and even what we are not. Beautiful and amazing poem. Thank you :)

  5. As always romantic, but not sticky. Really wonderful! Thanks.

  6. A beautiful homage to the constant in life that for many of us is the art of writing poetry. Cheers bkm

  7. Thank you for sharing that which is common to us writers, poets and how we see and interact with our worlds.

  8. Wow, Barb you have described so well what it feels like to write. Very nice.

  9. lovely self expressions.
    well done.

    link your poem(s) to potluck tonight, have fun!
    Happy Sunday!

  10. Unpainted, unwilling...but there's no choice, indeed. And as I always say, poetry is cheaper than whiskey. Better at saving a little of one's sanity as well.

  11. A poet's life is a thing of splendor indeed...felt.

  12. I think this is one of my faves of yours, bkm........"poetry can be written even on a day without colour"....yes! and I absolutely adore, "if it asks that I should love today, I do - willingly, if it asks that I cry, I cry...." Wow. A wonderful view from the poet's lair! I love it. I never thought of writing a poem about being a poet - it's very original! well done!

  13. I am floored!
    Kneeling before you in awe.

  14. I liked the "mirrored grooming of word" -- well done!

  15. bkm,
    Your words do indeed reflect the good and the bad, within the life of a poet writer.

    Loved your words....


  16. Yes, when you just HAVE to write, you're a poet. Nice write!

  17. This is just so beautiful!

    I particularly loved...."poetry can be written even on a day without colour" - so true.

  18. ....and you are a poet indeed...this is truly a moving poem that all poets can relate to and hold dear.

  19. BKM, I love this poem, BKM. No matter what else a poet is in life, one can turn one's words to poetry and by a POET! And a poet can love AND cry!

  20. Oh,bkm...So true..
    Beautiful...honest moving..
    Love this poem very much...

  21. if it
    asks that I should love today, I do - willingly
    if it asks that I cry, I cry....

    Go girl!

  22. Ok...I think I need a book of yours here upon my shelves. Wonderful ode!!!

  23. Thank you so much Nunee...hopefully some day you will have one....blessings...bkm