Tuesday, December 7, 2010

15 Minutes X Two


this is an extra blanket
and two chairs kinda hotel
a window; concrete wall
where prostitutes strut their wares
and the whore-less peruse with hope
and a cross between their eyes...
a nice view for blindsided
scentless souls that feed off more
than misery - a room
holding a crusted sense of taking
its musty loom, embedded lust,
mixed between sheets of smoking gun.  swanking
a no understand  maid service - iced rocks on
stained crawling veneer; but cheap vodka
makes everything rapidly worthy
of consideration - even the sound
of crazed concubines becomes symphonic
to a malignant minded
has been - 15 minutes worth


some people scrapbook their lives
i scrape by...born with left tumbs and a
chainsaw i was set to right my wrongs
bloodshed colored my visionary prospects...
but the right brain got the best of me
i write instead -
a cut here, a slash there
nothing a band aid will not cover
an anxious rewrite will not calm down --
i seem to walk straighter that way
the way of vacillacting

copyrighted 2010


  1. Sometimes, escapism is worth its fair share..enjoyed reading this poem, love a poem that tells a story...Great write

  2. Fabulous write! Writing is the great escape, a saving grace...oh, the choices one makes!

  3. Qué agradable tener un nuevo vecino.

  4. "the way of vacillating incision". Just writing that one line makes you a stellar poet! Wow, bkm....your writing is very deep. Well done.

  5. I read your words over and over. And when I reach the end, I have died and lived again.

  6. Wonderfully seedy - love the line "a nice view for blindsided scentless souls that feed off more
    than misery"