Sunday, November 7, 2010

Social Moment

i am in need of a social moment
one void of blackouts
and viruses, i am in need of a friend
who writes data into symbols, symbols
into words and words
 into emotions
ignored by you and others
who call themselves community, kin
or fellowship...
i will move towards the
envelope, pick a door and pray for the best
as it is only a matter of anticipation 
that will hold me bound by the current
 wireless network
 by hugs
and fake smiles...

i am no ones fool, i have
my iPhone and can easily check
any changes in weather
long before you delete

copyrighted  2010

(I just got a new iPhone and it is raining here)  have a great Sunday everyone
 .....Poets United, The Poetry Pantry


  1. hehe. you know its funny how many relationships have become so digital...we know things about people before we see them that already shape our interactions with them...

  2. cool!
    the online world has pro's and con's - usually i enjoy it a lot..i sit in my room somewhere in germany and "talk" to people all over the world..that's cool...but sometimes i need a break as well and some real life you can touch and smell..
    i have my iphone almost a year now...and don't know how i survived before...smiles (this was no fake smile..)

  3. well good t have an iphone.... these days so it seems...the best way to socialize... shaame!

  4. This is a very clever poem. I like the "huge and fake smiles" lines a lot. And I ADORE the last stanza about checking the weather before the delete. Made me smile.

  5. Life certainly has changed, hasn't it? Now we have social moments on iPhones, Blackberries, poetry blog sites, Facebook, etc. It opens up the world to us in such a positive way, but then sometimes who does one ask to go to a movie?

  6. The iphone can be very useful, can't it? I rely on mine, too!

  7. No fake smile here! Great commentary on the state of cyber vs. "real" relationships. Thanks!

  8. I know right? Social moments minus the involvement of technological marvels definitely seems to be a thing of the past...

  9. Barbara,
    I just loved this. Almost harking back to the 'good old days', of a real handshake and a real, face to face!!

    Best online wishes, Eileen