Friday, November 5, 2010

Irish Magic

i fell into a magic well
a spell, pulling me, passing me
through waters unmarked
by time, by emotion
through the veil of existence as, as
i knew it --onto a  shore where stood a maiden
and an immortal soul - 
"do you know who you are?" were the words
she rang, sang out....and the wind blew, then stronger
came the voice, and the wind too..looking
into my eyes she asked again...."do you know who you are?"

i could sense the entrance
and her eternal graces breathe into me
and answering  "yes, yes i know"....
i stepped gently onto her shores,  and
into the soul
she had purchased with her emerald tears, years
of falling, flowing out towards
the endless seas of green
and blue infinity..

we moved together across the cosmos,
taking passage through
an ancient gilded hourglass
marked with faith and a celtic cross
unto glorious shrouded sands,...and
entered a higher magic still....i felt its sacred chill
this place (of saints and sorrows) - seen forever green
in a mortals world of endless tomorrows
there i did take stand
on the enchanted isle
called Ireland

(she has called me home, me alone )
my Ireland

copyrighted 2010

Poets United Thursday Think Tank....Magic..


  1. ha. very nice...magical even...smiles.

  2. Wow, this is FANTASTIC, bkm!!!!! You took me on a journey, told me a story, a myth, a legend, then set me down on a beautiful green isle........."this place of saints and sorrows." Just beautiful. Wowzers!

  3. I love this poem. You sing to the Irish gal in me. :)

  4. Beautiful, and somehow comforting. Loved this:
    this place (of saints and sorrows) - seen forever green
    in a mortals world of endless tomorrows

  5. Loved this, great piece and so beautifully written ;)

  6. Barbara,
    What a delightful read and connection to my Irish identity as well.
    Filled with the magic of Celtic emotions!

    Best wishes, Eileen :)

  7. I loved this, it was a magic carpet ride to the evergreen, Emerald Isle~