Sunday, November 7, 2010

Collecting Sea Shells

photo by: Andy Ilachinski

I have always known there is a time and place
for collecting sea shells.  Of late the sky has turned
towards winter and my feet now appear to find more comfort
at sea level then in once loved designer heels. That
and with the sense of wheels fulfilling another cycle
through this wound up sundial I have worn faithfully -
it seems that all those quests and dreams of over the rainbow
have faded into the shores of gray, the blended colors
that rest upon my shoulders.

Can it be all those mountains I have climbed
are now the very shores I walk upon, crumbled to pebbles
and sand clinging to this soul?  I reach down, lift
an empty sea urchin, look into the once living, moving
creature and realize that this is that time, that place
to embrace what is, has been my life and complete
any collections - be they thoughts remaining unwritten
or sea shells in need of their own glass jar...

copyrighted 2010

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  1. Love this line... 'Can it be all those mountains I have climbed
    are now the very shores I walk upon, crumbled to pebbles
    and sand clinging to this soul?' Beautiful images stirred from your words, working well with the photo.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, pleasure to have you there.

  2. i read this last night...last thing before bed...i was not sure how it made me feel....particularly being that time to complete collections...which to me sounds like wrap things up before dying. which still leaves me unsure how i feel...smiles. but nice write...

  3. It's lovely and yet gritty. Nicely done.

  4. I loved the poem, a bit sad, but lovely all the same. 'all those quests and dreams of over the rainbow have faded into the shores of gray" so very true.

  5. "Can it be all those mountains I have climbed
    are now the very shores I walk upon, crumbled to pebbles and sand clinging to this soul?" beautiful lines i had to go back to. Excellent poem :)

  6. ..sand clinging to this soul...grabbed me
    you've packed a lot of life reflection and questions into that piece of poetry...lovely

  7. I love this Bkm....thought provoking and poignant! :-)

  8. Wonderful as always! I love it!

  9. A profound one--how poignant the empty sea urching. Lots to ponder here. Thank you.

  10. Loved this, especially the second stanza and especially the first line there; others have mentioned it so I won't quote it here, but to me it's not only an awesome line but a wonderful insight.

  11. the lines i picked up most on here were...
    "Of late the sky has turned
    towards winter and my feet now appear to find more comfort
    at sea level then in once loved designer heels"

    it might not be designer heels for me (!!!) but i so got that line...what a beautiful absorbing poem..cheers pete

  12. This poem is a journey from seas to mountains.

    Time for me to go shake the sand outta my soul.