Tuesday, November 9, 2010

...of Avalon

A feather landed in hand to sing the once silenced song, it notes
drifting between the bay of hound, to road ahead lifting the mists,
revealing the ancient gates, the mystical place
the face...of Avalon

The stag stepped forth in grace to view - woodland
dark and long, followed by his mated doe and his unborn fawn,
I watched as gently they bowed both crown and head in awe,
in awe .....of Avalon

Came rise the sun and crystal rain fulfilling wisdom, filling
blessed ponds, that fed the meadow where stood a maid
robed royal in sage and earthern bronze, favored fairest of them all
in all.....of Avalon

The moon did crest and found her phase, her sweet light
I came to rest upon; til' winds grew strong felt everywhere,
from my blood to highest ground, yet remained unknown within the arms,
the arms.....of Avalon

The feathers quest is what I felt - this holy grail would soon
move on, so with sweet communion I gave my heart and its trust
laying it down to be carried off and live forever within the mystery,
the mysteries ......held in the mists
of Avalon

copyrighted 2010

Posted for One Shot Wednesday...


  1. ah...fromm a much more romantic time...oh avalon...carry on dear feather, carry on...smiles. nice one shot!

  2. I like the cadence of this--if feels as though we are dancing...toward Avalon!

  3. It felt as if I was reading through a gentle mist...(of Avalon?) Well-written, great rhythm.

  4. I enjoyed this poem, It was beautiful.

  5. This was beautiful, I loved the feeling of it, like a cheering on, a calling to Avalon.

    (Thanks for your kind words on my blog.)

  6. You do a great job creating an atmosphere.

  7. what wonderful mysteries.

  8. like a writer you carried the feather aloft to the end. finely written piece

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moonie smiles

  9. What a beautiful, fanciful poem of a time and land far off. Very much a joy to read.

  10. a gentle poem full of grace bkm

  11. This was lovely, bkm. Just lovely.

  12. Beautiful nostalgia in this poem. That sacred/secret place that beckons us toward whatever kind of fulfillment we seek fills the poem with a certain nobility that is sprinkled throughout, like a trail of breadcrumbs to follow. I especially enjoyed the ambling pace (though I might be reading more into the pace than you meant) because it provided such strong emotional commentary. Excellent work on this poem, very much enjoyed reading it. Thanks for posting it through 1SW.


  13. This is beautiful. Several years ago while on vacation, I visited Glastonbury in the UK, where the legendary Avalon is said to have been. I saw the site in the early morning mist, and your words are just perfect.

  14. Lovely atmospheric poem...and great rhythm!

    Lady Nyo

  15. Another fantastic, breezy narrative.

  16. I feel certain that one day...i will tell people that i met you on line and read your words before they were published...you are an amazing poet Bkm! ;-)

  17. walking through atmosphere for sure
    yes, beautiful

  18. Wasn't "Avalon" a song by Roxy Music? (LOL!)

    Just a bit of silliness in contrast to your lovely One Shot, which is also like a song.

  19. you create such a romantic and dream-like atmosphere with your words..takes me right there

  20. You are such an elegant poetess. Kudos for this one. Victoria

  21. Oh that feather falling down so sweetly as your words...

  22. Beatifully written, poised mythical, epic, but gentle. What I love to read the best. Amazing one shot. Thank you for sharing with us x

  23. Sweet write. Pleasure reading.


  24. This was a FINE piece, beautifully executed, exceptionally strong in detail and nuance. What a capture "gently they bowed both crown and head in awe,
    in awe .....of Avalon" You can be quite proud of it. Excellent. Thank you, Gay @beachanny

  25. Lovely. The "feathers quest," the mist, the "sage and earthern bronze..." Thank you.

  26. Dear BKM

    Beautifully written.. and calling me all the time now.. I loved your words..'Came rise the sun and crystal rain fulfilling wisdom, filling
    blessed ponds' a lot. thanks

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  27. I have been brought up on the arthurian legends..in fact my first born carries his name as tribute...the words breathed through this were a joy to read.....its not often i do this but can i add a little verse in my comments...i hope you dont mind?

    Drifting silently across the lake
    Morose on board as our Lord lays limp
    Around his side gathers maidens so pure
    As they bathe the crimson that spills from his wound
    The waves lap gently across the bow
    As the boat steers slowly but further ahead
    Words are not spoken but voices are heard
    As news travels fast that Arthur is dead

    i just needed to share his trip to Avalon...lovely..pete