Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chasing Windmills...

You are the peacemaker
Don Quixote hell bent on chasing windmills
hoping for polarized progress on prime time
I am a convert -
to this new religion that has me walking;
walking the equator with only a bottle of water
and a broken sword; I can not swim

In Indonesia I catch up with you
overseeing..a game of chess
between a resurrected Bolshevik
and a  Pinochet prote'ge' - the results could be devastating
you encourage me...I am renewed

I look North and see the ice caps weeping
for our sinful nature
I look South and see the Southern Cross tilted
in need of reinforcement... and I
continue to walk the line,
true to your code of conduct
awaiting that man in black, a savior without form
All I see is another sunrise, same time, same place
and the cock crows
and I can not swim....

copyrighted 2010

Magpie Tales #39


  1. You make this beautiful as only you know how, bkm.

    I have been away and am so glad to be back!

  2. intriguing piece so me great imagery and quirky lines thrown in as well..not sure if i got it all but i like it..

  3. I'm not sure what a Pinochet protege is exactly, but it rolls right off the tongue!

  4. Wow, classy piece, beautiful phrasing.

  5. Loved the alliteration in this!

  6. Oh, this is one nice piece. Maybe my favorite of yours, B. Powerful.

  7. A majestic Magpie, full of deep meaning.

  8. Boy that is a powerful piece. I look North... I look South... so much in these phrases.

  9. This is such a complex poem, but it is a fascinating read.

  10. i agree with teressa - so much here - but what i love most is the fragile faith, the hope, against the backdrop of the way things are. to walk by faith and not by sight - might be the hardest thing, but also the most amazing. wonderful, and wonderful turns of phrase, too.

  11. Powerful and lovely - superb: and the cock crows
    and I can not swim....

  12. So imaginative..I took that trip with you!

  13. I just love love love this poem Bkm!!!....i can not swim either but i will follow your words to the ends of the earth! :-)

  14. so wild imaginations.
    you have covered places across the pacific oceans.
    lovely tale.

  15. As an aussie I'm a bit confused. are we talking Barak Obama here. He's in Idonesia this week. Great country to visit by the way. and Hilkary is in Australia. a lot of us down here are pretty hopeful for this new age that he he is trying to lead us into. politics is so ugly though. 'Hope for the best prepare for the worst'. Well written.

  16. Thanks everyone for your comments...Little Hat you ask what the piece is is about all peacemakers or want to be peacemakers that in every age ask humans to follow them...their rules, their new religion of words - the ones that do are considered saved, some don't they are prosecuted killed and many just walk in the middle afraid to go North afraid to go South and all the while a new dictator is waiting the wings ready to take over the current order of law. All the while we (humanity) walk the same line do the same thing over and over again waiting someone to save us from ourselves and nothing changes....all we have is a broken sword to cut through the jungles of the equator...only to reach the ocean and being unable to swim we keep walking the course of action praying someone will save them....bkm

  17. We have to try to swim, don't we? Lovely.