Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Widowed Sisters: Thoughts from a Bread Box

Always, you bring me your thoughts
thinking I did not have any of my own
And always, I take them from you, gently
placing them in a box
beside the kitchen stove,
a bread box like the one mother promised to me
when I married,
but you claimed it as your birthright, yes

That is where I keep them, there, in the box
wrapped in cellophane,
plain see through cellophane;
not that green color they sell on TV-
I do not know if I believe
all they say about it, like its ability to prevent
wrinkles on your fruits. No, I do not believe

that, and after you leave
I turn off the kitchen light
and go off to bed, next to an old goose down pillow
that used to keep me up all night
the cat sleeps there now

The next morning I awake
to coffee and to apple yogurt; apple yogurt that I
spread on a slice of the thoughts
you gifted the night before, and while truly
tasting them for the first time
I realize why I missed
you so when you married
and left home
many years ago - with my bread box


One Shot Wednesday:  Sorry if I have not been around to visit everyone this week...husband is having some issues with his back and we have to get working on getting it taken care of ....I will get around and visit soon...bkm


  1. A lovely, gentle tale of family, and new understanding which dawns, better late than never.

  2. This is a beautiful poem of remembrance Bkm....lovely as always...hope your husband's back gets better soon. :-)

  3. What a lovely, sweet poem. Nice little melancholy twist at the end there. Love the image of spreading slices of thoughts...

  4. its good to see you...warm and a tightness as well in remembering...and joy at time shared...smiles. nice write...

  5. beautiful...the bread box creates a strong sense of familial

    I hope your husband starts feeling better!


  6. Sounds like a touch of Karma in that breadbox.

    (People still use those?)

    Nice One Shot!

  7. wonderful images and thoughts!

    best wishes to your husband, back pain is intolerable!

  8. hope everything straightens out :)
    I loved this...the memories our precious objects evoke

  9. that is so touching...
    memories keep haunting.

  10. I love this poem. We all have those thoughts in a bread box -- and to take them out and eat them is something of a feast.

  11. Ahh, thoughts of family in a breadbox. To remember old feelings in a new light, many years later -- lovely poem.

  12. What a great poem about the complicated relationships of family.

  13. an interesting relationship puzzle there. I like the rhythm of this piece. I wish you and your husband strength and some healing vibes. Be well

  14. Left with my bread box.. very interesting... I enjoyed it... thanks

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  15. wow I love this writing...truly a rich experience reading it...I sense this was a risk writing....nothing of sex or passion
    but honest vexings of the human heart and you did it so well
    ...and I loved the ending...the meat of the matter as far as I can see
    My brother who is 10 years younger than I..never got over me leaving to get married
    such a void I left without knowing
    and yours with your breadbox....
    oh my.. I loved this

  16. a lovely read..a wonderful write and very well said...but more importantly hows hubbies back? cheers pete

  17. sweet tale intertwining the everyday ife with deeper thoughts== nicely written.

  18. Wonderful weaving of words, with a pseudo-twisty/image- and theme-consistent image. Excellent.

  19. Such a well done piece...simple things and deep meanings, you have a true gift in these. A joy as always.