Sunday, October 17, 2010


a woman - me?
born with one breast
a crab - sitting in wait for the rest
of any feminine side
Libra! my.. "why have you forsaken me", shake me with horror
i sought a preacher to love me, but more
he asked - he wanted a deeper faith,
in a singularity that has no bangs; as fangs
gnaw, nibble who contests?  in childish hunger i dream without, with
un-stable respits of this faith, this - hope..

the universe turns on an axis of its own
as dark matter decorates its new home, suckling on
veins and passive bone..(my passive bones)

the scorpion crawls toward
rebirth...will mine be listed? or that god
abandon me too,  for a sign covered
by well fed earth?

copyrighted 2010

dedicated to all those fighting breast cancer everyday...bkm


  1. wow. tight write...vivid imagery that matches that of the picture...nice to ring the bell of the month as well...thankful for those surviviors...

  2. I say Wow! too. I have thought of you as a romantic writer. I think I would not call this romantic, but perhaps profound.

  3. Thank you all - I have not personally had to deal with breast cancer or any other type except through friends is an ugly creature as is all disease - there are many stages to living and many stages to disease - and this piece is only one of them. Many prayers and blessings to all those who fight it daily.....bkm

  4. I am wowed. This is really deep and, as Fireblossom said, chilling.....and really, REALLY good! Terrific writing!

  5. very beautiful highlight on touchy issues such as breast cancer..
    lovely poem.
    love the message in it.

  6. I have two aunts who have been afflicted by that disease. Great poem on an important subject.

  7. This is amazing. The depth, the emotion, the imagery - everything!

  8. Wow this is a grand dedication indeed...your words linger upon the mind.

  9. bkm, this is a powerful piece of writing.

  10. The picture and the poem go well with each other..Nice

  11. This is a wonderful experimental piece written in a good cause. TFS

  12. Stunning write. Love and Light, Sender

  13. Beautiful writing, bkm...have lost too many to this disease...

  14. Powerful, powerful stuff. I am glad I came by to read it, says so much!