Sunday, September 19, 2010

An Untold Fairytale.....

Driving north on US 101 in my search for Sasquatch I turned and entered the redwood forest. 
I parked and taking  myself and my time I began my search...
when shortly it was that I came across large prints in the red soil...
I followed as gingerly as possible...when
behind me came a deep voice.   

"Where are you going little girl?"....

It was coming from a large brown bear...who looked at me
and drew a large smile...
I told him I was looking for the legendary Sasquatch.
...he replied

"I have not seen this Sasquatch, but I can show you where Goldilocks keeps her bed."

I was mesmerized with thought of seeing where this girl laid her head and agreed to follow him.

Shortly ever after...we came upon a log cabin - we entered and I awaited
the viewing of this talked about bed that she slept in....
there was a bed but no Goldilocks and soon
realized that this sly bear had locked the gate to the forest
 and threw away the keys....he had captured his own...

Within time I gave birth to a golden haired girl who slept in that empty bed.....
as she grew I knit her rainbow sweaters to wear with her beautiful
dreadlocks of gold.....the large bear....called me mama
and played Dylan for us on his harmonica.....

We only ate organic produce and twice a year met with all our neighbors
for a block party in the three acre wood.....where last year...
Hansel and Gretal came carrying Mother Goose  in a pail....they had saved
her from being sold off at a market square.....and for her gratitude she
laid us a golden egg....which we would not eat..
because we all went vegan years before.....


Moral of the Story....if you ever enter the Redwoods in Humboldt County prepared to see Mother Goose riding in a pail and fairy tales come true right before your eyes.....bkm


  1. haha. love it...a talking birth to goldi-dred-locks...listening to dylan...smiles. love it...and nice moral..

  2. Dear bkm: They dont happen to grow some spotted plants under those redwoods? Definitely I can see this happening. When fairy tales and reality merge in this other worldly way which is normal for Californians!

  3. they grow everything up is where i am this amazingly beautiful world ....ocean and redwoods...and the goose in a pail...well, that is a true fairytale.(last year)...out of the food co-op came a young man and women with a goose in a pail....this story came driving up here yesterday....bkm

  4. love redwoods,
    beautiful piece by highlighting it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Giggling. Nice to have some whimsy in my day :-)

  6. funny take on fairy tales, Love that you saved the golden egg, as it was not vegan fare. Got a giggle from me there. :)

  7. Very strange bkm. A psychologist would have a ball unpacking this one. Whoe does the bear represent would be a good starting point.

  8. Wonderful tale bkm and did you happen to catch Sasquatch in the redwood forest? :)

  9. Little Hat, to find out who the bear is you will have to read "Leaving my Father's House" Marion Woodman...a Jungian Psychologist...that would be a good start...

    Wild Rose...I did not find him...through there are still a lot of warning signs in the area...bkm

  10. LOL creative and much fun to read.

  11. This reminds me of my favorite headline in the now-defunct Weekly World News:



  12. I enjoyed the read but then thought, Hang on, here we have a kidnapping, maybe a rape, miscegenation, then OMG! People who didn't know the value of gold! So I rang Crime Stoppers!

  13. I truly like this. A different approach and still you kept the enchantment alive. Enjoyed reading and I don't think you will ever find Sasquatch (my son), he is sleeping here and eating up my groceries :)

  14. thanks everyone for your comments....I was in the Redwoods this past weekend....I escaped...but still there alive and well...bkm