Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Spell

What if Plank's Constant was not constant?
What if Einstein’s God really did play dice?
What if space did not exist and time was no more?

then telling time became a chore
for it stood still and was no more
no more,
what hand could open this timeless door?

its latch frozen from unsweetened tears,
waiting on un-passing years
waiting by the frozen door -

“Not only does God play dice but, ..sometimes he throws them where they can not be seen.”
Stephen Hawking

in dream I fell,
I fell away
to a place not known -
where day moved into night,
and night gave birth, to warmth
to warmth and light

“--- the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” Genesis 1:2

seasons passed
and waters flowed,
to a land called Long Ago-
to the time
that was no more, no more -

light warmed
the unsweetened tears,
the passing
of the un-passing years

“What really interests me is if God had any choice in the creation of the world.”
A. Einstein

freeing the latch,
the Spell was broken,
with the Spell broken -
Time began -
and the door was opened

copyrighted 2008

Originally wrote this without the quotes...but they seem to add an extra dimension to the piece...what do you think?...bkm
Posted for One Shot Wednesday....


  1. excellent one shot...i like the inclusion of the quotes...it grounds the words nicely..either way i am glad the door was opened...smiles. nice write.

  2. The question at the begin of this poem really made me think. The laws of physics, as we observe and know them now, wouldn't hold at the moment just after the Big Bang. it has been theorized that at the moment ( just after the big bang, when the universe was taking it shape, time really exist as light needs to travel a certain distance for we to conceive the notion of time. thus Plank constant wouldn't maybe hold tru at that moment.

  3. What if Einstein’s God really did play dice? is such a powerful line. I think your piece stands strong on it's own, without the quotes. Nice.

  4. what hand could open that timeless door - very interesting thoughts - and i like the inclusion of the quotes as well..
    i was in Bern/CH visiting the old clock tower, built in the 13th century and visiting the house where Einstein lived for a while - just came to my mind when reading this...

  5. time is a thought, in my opinion.

    excellent poem.

  6. The use of verse and quotes led to a metaphysical delight here.

  7. Wow, this piece is so full of profound pondering! I am in awe of your creativity! This is just amazing Signed...bkm! I love it! :-)

  8. i love the way your poems flow seamlessly with everything you throw in them 1 the way you make one think at many intervals and yet finish the reading so soon !! brilliant !!

  9. Bravo! The ideas you prompt through the ordering of the speculations is outstanding. "Ending" is brilliant too.

  10. Solid. I did enjoy the quotes. The thought moves from text to quote and resonates with all kinds of suggestive meaning. - Bill

  11. What a fabulous write. I really like the stylistic approach that you have used in this piece not to mention the many theoretical questions that still haunt us. Great write and read. Thank you - Love and Light, Sender

  12. The quotes add a reflective quality to this poem that perhaps would not have been established otherwise...great choice!

  13. So thought provoking. I like the quotes, too. Nice addition. Time is God.

  14. LOVED the quotes there,and it is such a deep bullet that sinks into the mind carrying the thoughts along,BRILLIANT! Enjoyed the dive signed..bkm :) great one shot ;)

  15. Agree with dustus: brilliant ending! Loved the flow of your words, as well as the content.

  16. I love the juxtaposition of the bible verse and the scientific quotes

  17. I like your use of the quotes. They make the reader stop and think. There has been for some time an interesting debate about scientists' belief in God (Krista Tippett on SOF, for example, has had several wonderful programs on the subject). Tackling the debate via a poem is a wonderful idea.

    I especially like how you conclude the poem with the metaphor of Time joined with that of the opening door. Quite thought-provoking.

  18. I like the quotes! Very unique poem. I love the flow and the imagery. It was almost like...educational poetry! I just loved this. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Wonderful poem. I loved that you used quotes. They fit perfectly! Great job again.

  20. Love it...think the quotes add to it.

  21. I'm not sure if the box ate my quote or just temporarily hid it.Anyway, I'lltry again. I love this piece. You did an excelelnt job, simply beautiful. I think the quotes add to it.

  22. Wonderful poem and very lovely quotes, definitely one of a kind. Great work bkm.

  23. Of course God rolls those old laughing bones. ;-)

  24. Wow! So intriguing. The quotes are so interesting, I had never heard of any of them before. Great addition to your wonderful poem.

  25. Wow. Wonderful piece. LOVE the inclusion of the quotes. Awesome stuff, bkm!

  26. Like the quotes. I'm glad it worked out the way it did. No time or space too much to consider

    Deep one my friend and great for One Shot

    moon smiles

  27. Thank you everyone for sweet comments...blessings....I have always like this piece....because I love both physics and the study of world religions...bkm

  28. I liked the inclusion of the quotes - it added a weight and a dimension. And your last stanza really opens everything right up. Really enjoyed this.

  29. i liked the use of quote..it bolstered your verse..its such an interesting subject to cover and you did it well...but what is time other than just a passing of breath and thought! when we start to measure it our lifes seem much shorter!!! cheers and a great One Shot pete

  30. A real gray-matter squeeze. Yes "what if ..."
    I love the challenges you pose, I really enjoyed this piece and it really is food for thought

  31. I liked how you worked the quotes in. It takes sensitivity to find our words in others' words, or theirs in ours.

  32. Totally got captured into this realm of spell :D Thank for sharing this wonderful read=P

  33. I like the topic of this poem; dealing with the perplexities of existence and contemplating the input of a deity and playing that idea against one of free will. These thoughts must have united our kind since our earliest beginnings. You have written a wonderful piece and I agree the quotes direct the readers thinking and your words expand the search. Well done. Gay

  34. I like the content of the quotes. I wonder if they could be divided into lines more like found poetry?

    I especially like the collection of questions you have pulled together here.

    Now I'm off to Wikipedia to learn what Plank's Constant is... the constant size of a quanta in quantum physics. Of course!

  35. Oh, this was so creative, with the use of the quotes really enriching your words. I love it!

  36. The quotes add a certain something that worked well with the poem.

    (Did Einstein have a gambling problem?)

  37. What an interesting thing to do to include the quotes added some spice to the poem, which can stand alone just as well either way a really good read.


  38. This is a lovely piece of writing. I love how you've interwoven the quotes with the poetry. Nice job. :-)

  39. oh boy!! What grand imagery!! To even think of a world without "time" is SOMETHING!!
    This is a masterpiece, bkm... because it is pure imagination and absolutely fantastic! I am actually to imagine a time without time... phhheewww
    You are a true romantic, to the core!!! :)

  40. Pondering something huge-- bold and intriguing! An excellent write!

  41. If time were no more, who could tell it? Really liked this poem.

  42. loved the poem... think it works really well with the quotes and flows very nicely!

  43. I like the repetition of words throughout.
    I think, therefore I am
    therefore time must be
    but who knows when it is
    no more

  44. Intriguing, thought-provoking, intuitive - yet contained within a tight theme/structure. Exemplary.

  45. the quotes gives a certain air to the lines afterwards adn before... nice work :)

  46. great one shot...i love that u've added quotes in between:)