Monday, August 16, 2010


some shadows just walk past me
never an indication of what
or who they are looking for; need I ask
these shadows their intent?  I say not, not
that I care as long as it be not my sacred space
they want to occupy
in this room; there is more than enough
room for all of us - let them then keep to their
own corner and let them keep to themselves
their intent - I have words to write
before the sun moves all of us
into another room
for night...

copyrighted 2010


  1. smiles. i like to watch the shadows write...

  2. Very nice. Shadows are so...shadowy...transient...distracting...

  3. This spoke to me. A lot of shadows in my life right now. Thanks.

  4. I like this. And the picture as well.

  5. this is nice - yes- tell the shadows to stay in their own corner and don't bother with them - but write on!

  6. I enjoyed the idea of shadows shepherding us around, rather than the stronger sunshine which causes them.

  7. Your use of the word 'shadow' has just promted me to write this - hope you don't mind my cottoning on to it!

    The shadow beings follow all our lives.
    Their untold stories, full of ifs and buts,
    trail behind us under cloak of dreams.
    They are never written on life's page
    because we chose to pen a different tale
    from one they secretly had planned.
    Their ombrous spectres hover ever near
    and fill us with amorphous sense of loss,
    if we should bid them closer to ourselves
    and stand them in a spotlight on our stage.

  8. I like shadows, too. They do add so much to our lives, and our space. I am always reminded of the work of Franz Klines.

  9. Everything and nothing lies in the shadows. Lovely.

  10. thanks everyone for your wonderful comments on shadows...i have always been fasinated by them..the physcial and subconsious ones..they are reminders we are never alone...thanks Jinksy for you take on shadows..blessings to everyone...bkm

  11. very good - I feel selfish to say that this poem reminded me of my kids bothering me when I am trying to write...does anyone else have this problem? ;)

  12. Liked how you finished this off with the sun moving the person