Friday, August 27, 2010

Lady of the Water

What shore holds thee?
Is it near?
What name calls thee?
Is it fear?
What house bears the dwellers name?
Is its threshold crossed with blame?

Is it the ocean you awaken to?
Is it the voice you listen for?
Is it the dwelling place of your soul?
The wind asked no more
I let it go ---

The steps we take are forever cast
Set in the lines we label past
Joy and tears of written pages
Never read but in the dreams of sages
On nightly passage to eternity
Invisible to those that claim to see -

I dreamt of an ocean filled with souls
Known only to the Lady of the Water
Held willing in her lul-la-bies flow
effortlessly - through the ebb and tide of hereafter-
What shore holds thee?
She asked me once –
I do not know. I answered calmly
What name calls thee?
She asked me twice -
I do not know. I answered solemnly
What house bears your hearts name?
I do not know. I answered -Please, do not ask again.

I awoke to an ocean calm by measure
I called to the Lady within its water -
The voice I heard was but my own
The threshold I crossed bore a name
unknowable to all who crossed for gain

The water rose
The tide came in
My soul gave rise
to the lady therein -

copyrighted 2009

Posted for Poets United Think Tank Thursday #12 - Water


  1. Dearest bkm,
    I see you at the ocean edge...
    Truly enchanting.

  2. Are you the lady of the water? I see you at the ocean edge, too!

  3. I am with Ninotaziz, i can see it at the oceans edge...this one is completely beautiful! :-)

  4. beautiful piece and that last verse brings it home nicely...let her rise...smiles.

  5. So lovely, it tells a magical a fairy tale. Beautiful!

  6. thanks everyone for your comments and ...this piece has alot to do with listening to ones inner voice ....for those who asked if it was me, you can surmise the rest...bkm

  7. This beautiful poem is clearly one from your seem to have a true affinity for the sea.
    So well written...

    Thanks so much for stopping by my page...:)


  8. A mysteriously lovely piece, and calming to the soul. Very pleasant to read. Thank you :)

  9. signed..bkm,
    What a delightful view of water. The calmness from your words and the images so peaceful.

    Following your blog!
    Best wishes, Eileen

  10. Yes I like it very much! Wow! Wow! Wow!

  11. Great way to capture the internal struggles of many of us...trying to find our voice or way through this mixed up world. Lovely images. Great writing.

  12. Women and the sea....a natural link to be sure.

  13. Love poetic story telling...great write!

  14. what a lovely, haunting piece, bkm! indeed, the inner voice knows wisdom beyond one's understanding.

    btw, i have friendship awards for you at

  15. so soulful; I also gave my water a human quality!
    I love the way you exposed your essence~

  16. this was great :) loved it !!

    PS : nimue is greek "lady of lakes" ;)

  17. This a such a moving, beautiful piece. I related so very

    My inner voice and I are struggling right now...your words spoke volumnes to me...and in a way...made me feel better....

    Thank you for such a beautiful piece...