Sunday, August 15, 2010

The First Day

the ancestors watched as their world died
the waters stopped flowing
the mountains turned to rust
they died too..
the Great Shaman fell into a sleep
out of sorrow
for all that was lost
his sleep spanned half an eternity
he dreamed of the ancestors
they were crying many tears..

as he awoke
from his dreaming
he yawned across the universe
his breath surrounded the silent world
of the ancestors
the planet began to bleed again
blue waters
and it was good..

 this happened
on the first day
of the Great Shaman's Awakening

copyrighted 2010


  1. oh, excellent take on the vivid...mountains to rust...great imagery and like the twist on the prompt...nice mag!

  2. Thanks Brian, thought about this one on my trip...I have some catching up to do...blessings..bkm

  3. A very pleasant flowing read for me...Thanks for the peace I found here today :)

  4. Dear bkm: This is true; the earth is like a big pipe, water sometimes disappearing or when the facet is turned on we get too much. Is this an real native tail or fiction. Reminds me of Nanabush stories of Turtle Island. Ehat an emotive poem of epic proportions!

  5. it's odd how these words reminded me of the old tv commercial of the indian sitting on his horse weeping over the destruction and pollution of the planet... thanks, great magpie!

  6. oh i love it! great images, magical and beautiful. really unique take on the prompt, you have a wealth of wonderful stories and poems in you. flowed great, i def. wouldn't mind reading this again, it was that easy to fall into. awesome.

  7. Mother Earth ... may she never die, may her waters forever flow gentle and blue! Wonderful, wonderful Magpie!

  8. ..the mountains turned to that - and like also the awakening - and the yawning...

  9. Lovely imagery, a thoroughly enjoyable Magpie.

  10. "Yawned across the universe" eloquent. I really like the flow of this.

  11. Wonderful imagery presented in this poem! Excellent post!


  12. so that's how it happened - awesome tale, so vivid you can almost taste it

  13. This is a wonderfully spiritual poem..reaches me on many levels...

  14. Wonderful and creative...i want more!! :-)

  15. Vast, powerful and sad. Excellent.

  16. Rusty pipes to shaman - love this quirky link to otherworld thoughts.

  17. I love this - magical and mystical.

  18. Majestic and powerful--and a wonderful take on a prompt that had me stumped. "Mountains turned to rust" oh, my...
    Thank you.

  19. This had me swirling through time and the universe, I forgot it was a magpie tale!


  20. I traveled across galaxies and time... I thought I was dreaming! Maybe I was too.. cuz I saw some very old and strange images in my head!
    A fantastic read, bkm...what a take on Magpie! Whooa!!!

  21. Such wonderful description, nice magpie.

  22. A rich magpie here, bkm. As others have said, great imagery and "mountains to rust" is a great line. I love your style of poetry.