Saturday, July 17, 2010

Night Moves

He called her his, "Wild Cat"
his "Grown up Kitten"
she purred his fantasy,
laughing at his jokes, for her own amusement

Her body was dipped
in diamonds from prior love affairs
and cat fights won
in the early morning hours

Feeding off his youth
she moved in for the kill
a feline eye with calculated timing
she had him,  tomorrow's breakfast would be eaten
at Tiffany's

copyrighted 2010

For Poets United Think Tank Prompt #6 - Diamonds


  1. This is a captivating poem, and so true to the beguiles of a beatiful woman. Love the imagery!
    I have a little something for you at Hope Whispers

  2. oo la la...and i doubt he ever sees it coming...beautiful witchery you have spun here...

  3. Well of course. A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but....well, you know the rest. ;-)

    Enjoyed this.

  4. Wonderfully written! Reminds me of the old jewelry commercials, the ones where they displayed only shadows, and then the product. Great take on the prompt!

  5. nicely written, though i must admit that i do not understand it to its fullest extinct. i love the picture.

  6. Mory, do not know if you know Capote's novella..Breakfast at Tiffany's....Tiffany's is a large jewelry store in New not know if that makes it clearer....thanks for stopping in..bkm

  7. Well written, thank for sharing this interesting poem =D

  8. Wonderful poem. I can picture the scene you set. And the woman is a 'cat' indeed. The picture goes so well with the poem.

  9. magical and touching image...
    excellent wording!

  10. Ah there you go touching film noir again, as always a splendid poem laced with little Femme fatale. I really enjoy your writing bkm. This poem does not disappoint, it plays to my obsession of Audrey. A passion I am allowed because she’s no threat to my misses lol. Thank you for sharing such a marvelous piece.

  11. Hi bkm, I also enjoyed the 'dipped in diamonds' line. There's a tension in this poem that keeps the readers attention.

  12. Portrait of a Seriously, I love this piece. You did a fabulous job, dahling. Pass the caviar?

  13. i would have to read that book. thanks signed..bkm for the suggestion. NEXT book to read Breakfast at Tiffany.