Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Choice of Words

Magiepie #23

i am a reader of non-fiction
a lover of fictional lines -
"I need you"
"I want to be with only you"
the ones you whisper to me in
the moments-

on paper I have to view reality,
relativity, formulas I can put to bed
finding rest in -
quantum mechanics is finally beginning to
find its place in my library
next to Jung's, Psychology of the Unconscious
and Einstein's Universe

still my craving for fiction
seems to always find you
its main character, as if
shaped from some fantasy
of childhood - yet, I refuse to give
you - your own shelf
in my mind -
keeping your
worn binding near, your
pages marked for re-read -

I can not consciously
categorize fiction
or stack it neatly as philosophy
against history, science against religion
so I just push it away -
keeping it to my
secret self

But lately, I have been
waking up at night, sweating, terrified -
dreaming my house is on fire,
flames everywhere - all
my books are burning, I run frantically
for the extinguisher, frozen
 - my mind is aflame
with indecision
save what -
my beloved truth or


copyrighted 2010


  1. Hot fiction! I love your bookish take on the theme.

  2. I love how your tittle ties in so well with your last line. This is a brilliant Magpie! :-)

  3. oo...i love to read myself and enjoyed your nod toward reading...intriguing how you categorize the one you are talking to as fiction...hmm...lead ones mind to wander...nicely played...

  4. that's sizzling
    I think you might need an extinguisher
    could get burnt
    nice magpie

  5. I love the love lines being "fiction". A love of order often cloaks a mind fascinated with disorder and passion. Throw away your books and listen to your dreams.

    (says the one who would be madly saving her books!)

  6. thanks, willow, and carrie...had fun
    fireblossom - that would be a tough one - some how i feel those books are a part of lovers understand..don't they...bkm

  7. Brian, love reading..and non-fiction has always been my choice...had fun playing with this one..glad you enjoyed it..thanks..bkm

  8. I enjoyed reading this - I can understand that fire would cause great fear and panic to a book lover - just what do you grab and save would be the question.

  9. ooooo save what is irreplaceable! Good Magpie

  10. Loved this, hate the thought of losing my precious books, great magpie.

  11. You have nailed the fear we all share, for I am sure magpie fans all over love to hurdle in the corner with a great read more than anything else.

    Thank you bkm...

  12. A great story to make us think about what's most important. What would we save?

  13. I love books as well - and - yes - with a fire breaking out - which one would I grab...?

  14. Thank you all- for your comments and compliments...lovers watch out, I think the books are winning...bkm

  15. Gorgeous, lush writing. Near the end the pace picked up beautifully and ended with a punch. I love this piece. Brilliant Magpie!

  16. Dear bkm, I came back for another read. And suddenly remembered all those ancient libraries of old in Alexandria and other long lost cities...

    How heartbreaking...

  17. Go with the "truth." The "you" is replaceable, clearly. ;)

  18. Wonderfully written! Great take on the prompt!


  19. Nicely done, bkm. I would have the same problem though I am now reading and discarding books as rapidly as my advanced years will allow.

  20. Save the fiction! The scientific and the philosophical will stand as a known quanta, but the fiction, fleeting and ethereal, can take us anywhere...anywhere at all.

    Great poem! as was Bond Girl.

    Tracy H

  21. Dear bkm: If I were to analyze this poem I'd say "This is an excellent poem with lots of Jungian angst". Passionate about books indeed!

  22. Beautiful wording. Well done!

  23. What a wonderful piece. And how fire could test us all.

  24. this is exactly how I feel about fiction too: indefinable, somehow more true and raw and powerful than non-fiction. Loved they way you expressed it here. nice way of tying in the magpie too...this piece kinda reminds me of prose poetry, which I am a fan of...def poetry, def. a story. Thanks too for your wonderfully kind comments on my blog, they really make my day. Catch ya later!

  25. Thank you all for your comments, hopefully I have reached everyones piece so far and commented...if not I will be there...I appreciate everyone taking time to read....blessings..bkm

  26. Intriguing. I prefer fiction for all the hidden truths non-fiction doesn't reveal.

  27. Books are forever! :) A delightful take on the prompt.

  28. Oh wow. This is amazing. Loved the line: I refuse to give you your own shelf in my mind.

  29. Excellent read. Oh, decisions, decisions. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Oh... this was some brilliant imagery...
    I hope you NEVER have to make that decision.. EVER !
    Initially, I was wondering where you were going with the poem, but the mystery lover in me nudged me to go on.. and there! That fiery twist! Had I not continued, I really would have missed something awesome! So I thank Agatha Christie, her Hercule Poirot, and my love for suspense :) AND most of all, I thank you for writing this fabulous piece here!

  31. I've always played it over and over in my head that if God forbid my house caught on fire they would find me by my window frantically throwing out my books and notebooks...and fiction not like it nothing better! Nice Magpie!

  32. I would miss every book, sketch, greeting card and photograph....every scrap of paper in my house if I were ever to have a fire. Great poem, nice Magpie.

  33. you fear of losing your books,
    how cute.
    lovely take on the prompt.

  34. bkm,
    I'll deviate from the majority; I a lover of books ( my house will collapse under the weight of them before it ever burns down) would choose to save my imagination, and my imaginary lover of the moment, for without imagination what good are the books?
    Oh, and your poem? I thought it was beautifully written with just the right choice of words!

  35. Thank you all for your comments, people to have a love for their books...

    Rel,yes we do need our imaginary lovers - they do help us play with the truth - again thanks everyone.. pray we get to keep them both...bkm

  36. Really like your storytelling style. Succinct and rich and easy. Loved it