Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Angel on My Wall

The angel on my wall is a lot younger than me
Her wings are a lot larger than mine
She never ages and wears no clothing, revealing nothing; innocent
She knows everything about me (everything) tho
She keeps it to herself (I really like that about her); really
I do

The angel on my wall greets me every morning when I wake
Watches over me in sleep
Over the years I have changed (not certain if I like it); think
She has not, why does she not change?
The angel on my wall

I would redecorate; except
She knows too much
That angel on my wall


My entry for Jingles - Thursday Poetry Rally - read more by clicking


  1. For a long time I had a similarly well-informed sea spirit on my wall, but she resided directly over my head if I lay on my couch watching tv or reading, and I started to fret that she might ever so daintily drop down from the wall and dash my tiny brains out. (shhh, but she weighs a ton). So now she reclines in my spare room, waiting for someone who really knows what they're doing to place her back up, more securely this time.

  2. I know what you mean Fireblossom..I did finally move this beautiful angel to the closet, but everytime I open the door I feel guilty....She was a wonderful image to wake up to in the morning...I hope she does not mind being in the closet for awhile...bkm

  3. I started reading your poetry and couldn't stop. What a gift you have with words.

  4. Thanks Cee, that is quit the compliment which I will cherish...I am never sure now others see my work - and when I get comment like yours I truly can tell that you enjoyed it...thank you for stopping and please come back...I will ensure I return the visits...bkm

  5. I am swinging inside this poem and hope the swing will never stop =)It is a wonderful piece :) It sort of look like a guardian angel to me, how i wish someone can watch over me like this, thank for sharing=D

  6. Ah, past selves. I love the seeming artlessness of your lines, some short, some long. Well done! & congrats on your award!

  7. Can I tell you something...I believe in angels!! What a beautiful poem!!! Take care my friend ~ Amanda x

  8. wow...i love this...gona stop by more often...

  9. I love this poem. I love how we get to see what you think of the angel as you describe her. my favorite line is "wears no clothing, revealing nothing, innocent beauty" gorgeous :)

  10. Did you mean 'too much' rather than 'to much'?
    Love the poem and the idea of being unable to redecorate because of the angel on the wall. Wish I had written it myself!

  11. this poem reminds me of peter pan adventures in neverland. nicely painted. i love this

  12. thank you everyone from the Rally for your visit...Jessica - you are right on the too instead of to...thank you - for the correction....I appreciated it was someone points out an error...blessings to everyone...bkm

  13. I love how this poem mixes a sense of loneliness and a sense of comfort at the same time, that's not easy to do. Good work.

  14. Beautifully done. So easily read and understood, though deep and meaningful. You're a must on my visits list.

    Tracy H

  15. "i would redecorate; except/she knows too much" LOVE these lines especially... i think i am in mood with you.

  16. I get that late at night feel with the moon shining in the window and the curtains billowing with anticipation, who knows what she might be up to late at night

  17. What joy to read, lyrical and gentle and kind words. The feeling of love from the supernatural world that always stays the same accepting you with loving compassion. How divine.

    from thursdays rally

    two posts today one is for jingles rally

  18. Lovely poem you've got here. I love how you compare the angel on your wall to yourself. The ending is cleverly written. Great work!

  19. Oh maaann!! this was just too goood!!!
    The ageless, secretive, know-it-all angel.. the adorable angel.. the revered angel..
    You've given it a lovely mystic touch with your lovely words.. An beautifully done poem indeed!

  20. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments--- I must get over to visit everyone...I will do it..yes, now..bkm

  21. use of words is quite impressive

  22. Very nice. I like this poem very much.

  23. I have fallen in love with the structure of your poem. Your interjections of thoughts gave me a closer feeling to you. Emphasis on your points but it was as if you were reading your poem and stopped just to tell me that you were being for real. You could simply redecorate your room and hang her in the same place or give her a new location, but then she would be your angel altered. I can see why everyone nominates your blog for awards.

  24. Why thank you so much Splash of Expression..that is one of the nicest compliments I have received and what you to know much I appreciate are right...about the angel..she is very real....blessings...bkm

  25. Oh, yes. That angel.

    I think her sister lives on my wall. We talk, sometimes, but mostly just exchange glances.

    Happy rallying...

    My rally poem.