Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mister Moses

Sultry is a song that
rhymes with sweat, a sinful sound that
calls for scotch on the rocks with a twist
of a lustful mind...
Sultry calls for the hum
of bamboo ceiling fans and a heated discussion, hot with the
displeasure of life -tempered by the passion of what
is about to be played out in front of you - the scene, the silence shattered wide open
with a thundering voice, throwing gravel as it
paves its way straight to that which you want have kept
in wrap -the warning of an encompassing storm
within -
and your palms sweat

across the wooden floor
walks a man -
that man who you have
only known of in the recesses
of dreamless nights
and there he stands,
the lines on his face
the calluses on his hands -
by a shirt soaked, stained
in sweat  -

you breathe in the moment
and know you will finally be shown
the promised land
- you will arrive,
your Mister Moses has arrived...

My God you have wandered so long in that desert.....

copyrighted 2010

This post is for Think Tank Thursday at Poets United.....the word is Sultry


  1. Moses supposes his toeses are roses. I've gotta add Mr. Moses to my Netflix queue. Never seen it!

  2. Willow, yes you need to see god...he became my idea of a man every since I saw that movie....bkm

  3. Whew, that is what I call sultry. I can see those bamboo ceiing fans and....his eyes! A delicious read!

  4. Oh how I love Robert Mitchum!!! I have to see that movie! Your sultry words have compelled me!

  5. I love how you play with the sounds of your words within this piece. The textures of the words on my tongue make it all the more sensual and pleasurable to read. Nice job

  6. ...Sultry is a song that
    rhymes with sweat, a sinful sound that
    calls for scotch on the rocks with a twist
    of a lustful mind

    ...yes this is a definition of sultry for sure. (^_^)

  7. Thank you Mary, Carrie, Robin, Jingle, Suz and Dasuntoucha...for your comments...almost thought about not doing this one...but then I thought of Mitchum and the rest just came to me..bkm

  8. Excellent, bkm. Glad you thought of Robert Mitchum. I can almost see him standing before me, after reading your words!

  9. Whew that is sultry!
    Nice job!

  10. Now this is a poem! One of the best I have read today - great images, great flow.

  11. Thanks, Diane, flaubert, and Gordon..I appreciate you thoughts on this piece...I saw this movie so long ago...but never forgot my image of Mitchum...bkm

  12. bkm,
    Sultry just flows from the very first few lines and indeed fulfills the desired outcome.
    A lovely read.


    PS: I love the van Goethe quote!

  13. Really nice write! Thank you.