Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ruby Red - Return to...

Dorothy had visited OZ as a young girl - when she returned to Kansas no one believed her, not her Uncle, none of the farm hands and not even her dear Auntie Em.

Finally as the years past and she grew older she forgot much about OZ herself.  She married, had children and buried both her Dear Uncle and Auntie Em.  She was happy with her life in Kansas- it had fulfilled her in many ways, yet she always felt that something missing, something that seemed to be hidden deep in her memory.

As the end of her life started to draw near she started to go through the treasures she had collected along its journey.  She was rummaging through the back of her bedroom closet and noticed an old tattered shoe box that seem to stir some emotion but did not recall why.  She pulled it out from its hiding place and slowly moved out of the closet to sit her old bones on the edge of her bed.  She opened it to a site that she had not seen in over 70 years.  There wrapped in silver paper were the Ruby Red slippers that she had worn when she was a young girl.  The memories started to come back to her and she began to recall more and more; the balloon trip over the rainbow,  an Emerald city, a lion, a tin man and a scare crow.  She began to remember a place called OZ and a wicked witch.  Taking a second look to pull out the slippers she noticed a letter neatly folded and placed in the side of the box.  She took it out and began reading it...

My Darling Dorothy,  it started, 

Many nights I have lost sleep about my decision to hide these slippers from you. But my dearest, your Uncle and I both loved you so much, since we could not have children of our own we had come to think of you as our  daughter.  When you left us during that tornado  we were beside ourselves wondering how we would live without you in our lives.  So when you returned to us we were overjoyed and thankful.  You started talking about this place you had visited, a place called OZ.  You were so happy talking about the friends you had made there and a horse of many colors.  I was uncertain what you were talking about, we all thought you had hit your head and were having delusions.  But then I saw the Ruby Red slippers on your feet and remembered the story about how they brought you home to us.  I became frightened and thought if they could bring you home, they could also take you away from us again.  I was so very frightened you would long again for this place called OZ and would leave us forever.

So I hid the slippers in this box, in the far back of your closet and thought if you ever found them your uncle and I  would have long been gone and if you chose then to leave we could or would not stop you from leaving. 

Please forgive me Dorothy, and I pray you find these slippers and get a chance to return to your beloved OZ before it is to late...

Love you Always my child..

Auntie Em

Dorothy read the letter a second time...then it all started to come back to her, she started again to long for that place, the color, the Wizard and yes, she remembered a yellow brick road.  She could hold no ill will toward her aunt for hiding the slippers because she had experienced a wonderful life in Kansas and knew that she would not have wanted it any other way.   But her life was coming to an end and thought as she sat on the edge of the bed there is nothing really left for her to finish here this side of the rainbow.  She started to wonder if she could still get the slippers on her feet and tired first one and it slipped right on.  Then she put on the other, and with that she remembered what Glinda told her, that she had to tap the heels together and recite words telling the slippers where to take her.    So Dorothy stood up and started to recite what came to her mind as the memories of OZ flooded back to her and tapped the heels of the Ruby Red slippers together.


carry me back to OZ
I have been away too long
my home maybe Kansas, but
OZ is where I belong

not since ’39
have I heard the Munchkins sing
the Lion he must be lonely
how I miss that cowardly King

the Tin Man must be rusted
the Scarecrow lost his mind
so, carry me back to OZ
my childhood I need to find

the Wizard he is waiting
I know I heard him call, to
free the Horse of Many Colors
shackled in his stall

the Wicked Witch does not scare me
nor monkey’s flying on the wing
good Glinda will be there to greet me
and protect me from everything

in Kansas the wind is blowing
everything still black and white
and, yes it may be my home, but
let me walk that Yellow Brick Road

again tonight --

copyrighted 2008

When she was found later that day all had thought she passed away from a heart attack...until, until they read the letter and saw the slippers and they all realized she went back to that place called OZ  she always loved....

This is for Jenny Matlock's - Alphabe-Thursday post - Rainbow color - RED


  1. This is lovely. Just lovely. The sentiment, the poetry, the fantasy. Really great read, bkm.

  2. Oh this was delightful...I'm a big fan of OZ
    good usual

  3. What a treasure! I so enjoyed your post and the thought that you put into it. My friend just returned from a trip to Washington, DC, where she saw the actual red slippers in a museum.

  4. Oh that was amazing this should be made into a follow on film
    I did not like return to OZ very much but just loved the first one
    Thank you

  5. Gosh what a great 'red' post! I would love to have those ruby slippers! always make sure I have a pair of red shoes in the cupboard though!

  6. Dorothy Schmorothy. I haven't been able to get rid of this headache since that house fell on me.

  7. You are an AMAZING and WONDERFUL writer. Absolutely loved every single word. HAPPY RED DAY!

  8. So lovely - the words, the imagery, the fantasy!Am great fan of OZ as well!

    Happy Rainbow Red day,


    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can stop by!

  9. Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

  10. back to childhood - beautiful writing - i was always a bit scared of the wizard of oz when i was a child...

  11. Amazing, as always!

    A good friend of mine moved back here after being away for a long time and one of her friends gave her red slippers to let her know that you can always go back home!

    I love stopping here!

  12. Wonderful post...I loved seeing Wicked in CHicagao...

  13. I really enjoyed this post --both the story and the poem. I'm glad for the post script ...I always wanted Dorothy to go back to OZ!

  14. This is wonderful. The poem and the prose.

  15. Wow! I LOVE it!! The Wizard of Oz is one of my all time fave movies!

  16. i enjoyed reading literally transported me. we should have a pair of "ruby slippers" hiding in the back of our closets

  17. This is so wonderful. It's such a great sentiment that one can truly travel over the rainbow to find childhood again.


  18. Wonderful post! I like your story and poem!

  19. This is exactly the way it could have happened. I love every single last one of these words.

  20. Thank you for finishing up all the loose ends with that great ending. I'm glad she's back in Oz.

  21. Oh I just loved this! What a wonderful way to celebrate Rainbow Red. I've always loved Oz, and what a treat for Dorothy to finally return. Beautifully written. Kat

  22. I love The Wizard of OZ and I am so glad to go back. Great Red post.

  23. Oh my heavens.

    What a lovely, lovely link for Alphabe-Thursdays summer school.

    You need to enter this into a writing contest.

    It is wonderful.

    My head went to the sequel to Gone with the Wind and I felt a book unfolding before my eyes.

    I'm really impressed with this writing.

    Thank you for linking this.


  24. wow! actually wow doesnt even do it ... i loved every second of that read ... so well done, so well thought out, so lovely ... you had me at the first sentence and didnt let go till the last dot ... really well done!!

  25. WOW...what a delightful read! thanks, Susan