Monday, July 19, 2010


The texture of incidentals,
gray woolen socks, cotton shorts
silken designer ties from Nordstrom's
these incidentals, your incidentals filled
the cedar lined mahogany
chest of draws

"Texture," you said to me,  "our marriage
lacks texture,
you know taste...." you paused
"Wait, I will  finish for you,
our marriage lacks testicles."  I said.

" You know, it lacks balls! " I continued, "Well, you can
take your fine uptown words like,
texture and taste and wipe them up with your fine,
silk ties
and virgin wool suits.
 ..and just give me..."

Grabbing me, we fell to the bed
I could feel his steel blue eyes
undressing me,
I added, "Now that is texture, now
that is the man I married.."  

copyrighted 2010


  1. hot. you playfully hit on a very seriou topic...a lack of texture in marriage, that tends to happen to many when they stop working on theirs and just let it simmer...very nice.

  2. Men. You always have to kind of get out the hand puppets and explain things properly to them, don't you?

    Nordstrom's? Money could be better spent, there. Fragrances, jewelry...

  3. for some reason this makes me laugh.....I love it....

  4. Fabulous! and very rich in storytelling. Your twist shows definitely the texture of passion! I hope it lasts through all the wrinkles.