Wednesday, June 28, 2017

i love the color red

i love the color red
so i carved out a window small
with a shard and stone, placing
outside the window
a rose red guarded by her thorns

i placed a field of sweet purple clover distant
but not so very far away, and a
road marked by worn gravel and a
line of wooded pine

i walked the field of clover
and the road along the pine
gathering up a memory and wrote
it in a book - so

that i could visit that very window
where the rose had grown
red forever blooming
guarded by her thorns

untouched or knowable
in the window of my wall

copyrighted 2017

Posted for dverse open link 


  1. Interesting return. Many have a flower, untouched, beyond...

  2. I think we do need that innermost flower well shielded... love the approach to the red red flower.

  3. It is good that it is written in a book and can be revisited again and again! Great write!

  4. Photographing or writing something helps the memory which I assume is one of the windows in one's wall.

  5. The point of view both from the interior and exterior produced a vast image, in time, space and the consciousness.

  6. I admire your perspective of the color red and the rose ~ A metaphor for all things we hold dear in our hearts ~ Happy summer ~

  7. A beautiful tribute to what we guard within.

  8. I think you meant carved not craved. You are a rose

  9. OOPS replace the t with an r lol

  10. Wonderful metaphor, Barbara. I love to return to those meadows and flowers that I hold in my memory bank.