Tuesday, March 21, 2017

is there a greater god?

there is a common thread
among people
a haystack in want of a needle

flags burn, requiring
rework and repair
requiring - new symbolism/cross

the sky night
is in disarray, star against
star/against star, black against

                         it is clear sailing from here

thread counts are indiscernible
in darkness
too pigment and proclamation

we ask "is there a greater god?"
one that holds the eye open wide enough
for camel to pass

or is it all your eye for my eye
your speck for my sand, totally
unaware of the thread, totally unaware of needle or
roundness of the moon

(copyrighted) 2017


  1. I believe it is our leaders who cause us to fight (mostly). Nice writing. My compliments

    1. Thank you Martin I believe we are pawns in this game...bkm

  2. Beautifully written--I don't know the answer--maybe no one does really--

    1. Thank you Audrey for reading and commenting. I agree I do not believe we can really know...bkm

  3. I think there are many who haven't understood the needle's eye.... it will not be very crowded in the afterlife above.

  4. A search for meaning ... the eternal question ... beautiful and expressive write!

  5. Seems we have backslide into 'eye for an eye' again -- sadly. The 'common threads' seem to have lost their way.

  6. I especially like "thread counts are indiscernible in darkness to pigment and proclamation". A great read, Barbara.

  7. I like the way you've flipped things...."a haystack in want of a needle" instead of the usual 'a needle in a haystack' and "sky night" instead of the usual 'night sky'---it makes the reader pause and think, see things differently and ponder them more deeply.

  8. I do not believe that we can find the answer - though, there are times, when the questioning can drive one half mad. The company of serene, empathetic souls - I have found - is lovely comfort.

  9. Difficult questions, especially in a world (and time) when most people seem to be looking at thing through the language of different eyes, wants, needs...

  10. 'eye for eye' is the motto of post truth world, but this can't go on forever so the wheel will turn again for those good old days hopefully :)

  11. we ask "is there a greater god?"
    one that holds the eye open wide enough
    for camel to pass...............................excellent stanza. Most enjoyable

  12. Sadly we have been given free will, we can believe or not, we can abuse or not and even make up our own rules. Freedom to do all these things comes at the price of liberty. We are up the creek without a paddle.

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  14. I like the way you've repeated the first thought at the end---as it's a powerful one that is thought-provoking for the reader and leaves so many avenues of exploration to wander down.