Wednesday, January 1, 2014

new moon

i am elated
at the possibility
of afterlife

the correspondence
of which
i can not decipher, there is
always room
for error in future, past has
been set nicely
or not
bonded or - not

one can challenge
emotion, e-mo-tions, life; one can challenge
what has been
determined, its

leverage on incident and regret
but the dream placed
in motion
by a greater good is never
by chance forgotten - for it is more
than blood or marrowed bone
at stake - there is warm soil, baked sweat
furrowed soul

we, (i) chip away
at - the core of
a memory
a cornerstone
common,  a vein laid open in the sun
the same vein
shared equal in surplus
and lack,  woven by

unseen, (un)seeable or ever revealed present

but we sleep on
it, at times we fail to acknowledge it,
fail to recognize
it, same as
times children (un)mended fail to acknowledge
the presence of what
some call the
new moon

copyrighted 2014

dedicated to my brothers and sisters...


  1. i am delighted at the possibility of afterlife myself...
    our past may be fixed but the time we have now...we can determine that...and determine as well what is important...

    happy new year bk

    1. Thank you Brian - we all have an afterlife...of some kind....and we all have a past - for some it is and ending for some a beginning ...and for some a story...bkm

  2. I had too many open vein memories while my parents were living...I have decided I won't relive them. Great write!

    1. they are not all bad for me ...for the vein is a life force that ever seeks its source...bkm

  3. I love the image of the new moon...large behind the sun, hidden from view. Love this piece!

    1. Thank you Becky...there is always a new moon in every cycle of life...bkm

  4. What depth in this piece, Barbara. LOVED it. WHO has not entertained thought about afterlife? NO BODY!
    Those memories--Thank God they've been deleted. However, I understand there is always those marks left on the HD which cannot be erased (sigh)...

    "...but the dream placed in motion
    by a greater good is never
    by chance forgotten..."
    LOVE that line...and all the others!
    PEACE and LIGHT!

    1. oh Steve I would not wish them erased, they are an unending source of newness and discovery in my life...I cherish this carries me towards its greater good...bkm

  5. a cultivated soul. that was such a beautiful thing to write in such a beautiful way. as always...applause