Wednesday, July 11, 2012

separate is something we are

i believe separate
is something we are, not what we suffer
apart from whole
apart from a wholeness...
we are born
labeled and longing self
its defining moment
of again - being whole

i believe we come uncertain of any,
biased by design, bearing an emptiness
delivered by our maker - so too mark
our days, plead our nights
and spend a life signed in

we come fired by hope, fed by wonder
seeking summary
of all we see - we come separate, single
and cradled in a menagerie
of repeated surrenders, timeless meetings
and requests of intercession from
first breath - to our finite end

i believe separate is what we are, 
not what we suffer
we are the separation, the division and the longing
of a god that seeks a wholeness
only certain of self - when again
we are united...

copyrighted 2012


  1. we are the separation, the division and the longing
    of a god that seeks a wholeness
    only certain of self - when again
    we are united...dang that whole last part bk is build to it well, but i really like that closure....smiles.

    1. thanks Brian - I have been thinking about this one for a few days..did not have ready for yesterday's open link...but sometimes that is the way is goes...bkm

    2. glad to see you made it back for this one...smiles...

  2. we come fired by hope, fed by wonder - this is something we all need to remember and come back to...

    1. Yes Suzi we must always carry that fire of hope... Bkm

  3. WOW!
    Not repeating what Brian wrote--but that is the wondrous essence of your post today. Some might call this deep stuff, but it is SO simple, with minimum of belief, hope, and a lotta LOVE!
    Thank you, Barbara.

  4. I am so glad you like it I was hoping you would read it, thank you....bkm

  5. I believe your "write"! It's a wonderfully worded message.

  6. Love this... Especially the second stanza.

  7. I don't stand where you stand, feeling more whole in the separation and am not too enamoured with hope, but you do a fine job of writing your case, fine stuff.

  8. Wow from me to. Every word resonates with me. Soemthing I can spend some time thinking on and beautifully structured so it plays like music in my mind as I read.

  9. This is very special, deeply reflective, giving up treasures with each reading. Laced eith so many good lines and stanzas, richly woven to form a deeper awareness of self and its meaning.

  10. This is almost a creed, with that repeated "I believe", and that brings something ineffable to the verse.

  11. Yes, even with all the constant communication that our gadgets afford us, we're becoming less and less connected to each other, and life itself.

  12. life signed in metaphor and also in loneliness :(

    Lillian Gish