Friday, April 20, 2012

i am born - (Logan Emerson)

i am born
of this place
the sky opens between

laughs my breath
at tides low; a bay sweeps in
my soul, cradles me
to silent song

seabird, winged bird
hears of my hearts beat, nests
me as her own and
i am born

moss to green world, fern
to wood mocks,
shadowed suns, barked trees
bleed red as i am
called forth from the rock, from the sand
knowing well of
my dreams
who will know of my hands  - here

fog blankets me
warm, now warmer to sweat sweet rain
and (I) am


here - of this place...

copyrighted 2012

written for my grandson Logan Emerson born April 18th, 2012 
on the north coast of California on the edge of the Pacific
cradled among the redwoods....


  1. Congratulations, B.K. Our second grandson is due at any time.

  2. yay very nice....congrats...and some cool touches along the way...

    laughs my breath
    at tides low

    and dreams that will know my hands...

  3. beautiful! i can see him....a babe among moss and rocks and trees....

  4. What a cool-lookin' guy. So blessed is he to be born there surrounded by the sea, and Redwood.
    here--of this place."

    May it remain 'home'. What will he see during his time here?--events of which we may not even dream.

    A fine tribute to Grandson. Congratulations, Barbara.

  5. Congrats Barbara, a beautiful child and birthday song.