Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a Sunday Afternoon

i never knew my great uncle
in his youth, never knew
what he did for a living, or saw him
tie his shoes

i only knew him by his laughter
his wit, his sarcasm and twinkled eye, only knew
his aged walk and candor - only knew
him as my grandfather's
older brother

together they could fill
a room, gather an audience
no charge, no tickets
no back stage pass - lucky i thought myself as
a child able to move closer
steadily between legs, between pastel printed shirts, between
gossip and an off balance
center table, til

up i looked at him, this uncle
sitting on a tall
wooden stool, his elbow on the bar
his hat next to his beer - that
is how i know him
i could not know his childhood
my grandfather's brother - together

in suits and ties, in hats
with brims, in vests with memory lined pockets
tied shoes -
calling out tales, first one
then the other, proud and pronounced

they sat
bar-stool to bar-stool

"You" this and "You" that
"He" this and "He" that,

a woman moved to sit down, ordered a Seven-Up
seemingly familiar in scene
as hat to hat,
as beer to beer
these old men sat
filling the room

as only laughter can
on a warm Sunday afternoon

copyrighted 2011

my Great Uncle Mike ( in picture) poem of how I remember him

posted for dVerse Open link night


  1. Hi! you're great uncle was a cool dude huh? a great tale of memories here.. :)

  2. Warm, heartfelt memories! Thanks for sharing sweet friend, I felt like I was in the room with you. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. I felt like I was there. Well written indeed.

  4. Great job weaving memories in verse, quite the guy it sounds like.

  5. smiles...nice...pockets lined with memories...you set the scene nice an i was ready to sit down and listen...

  6. What fond and beautiful memories you have filled your post with today, Barbara. Loved these lines:

    "...as hat to hat,
    as beer to beer
    these old men sat
    filling the room

    as only laughter can
    on a warm Sunday afternoon!"

    Yes, I too have lived these same Sunday afternoons, and you've brought back to me the whole 'show', even those smells--the oldness, the beers, the laughter.


  7. such fun and beautiful memories. Wonderful write :)

  8. Great combination of warmth and story-telling.. really enjoyed the pace of this piece and felt the atmospheres you describe.

  9. Beautiful poem! Reminds me of my grandpa. I never saw him with his brother, but he could fill a room and many hours with his stories and jokes. Miss him dearly.


  10. You conjure the scene and the feeling so well. My dad and his brother were story tellers like this, so I have yet another reason to like your poem.