Saturday, January 14, 2012

Botero's Babes

all babes are
born of babes - fat and round
round-ton babes - the world view
is round, round and rough - filled with lust of roll'in
round, roll'in round
with babes

babes are birthed between the thighs
between the round and sweating sighs
between the sheets a mother
lies - lies and sighs and cries her
birth - birthing babes so round

the men they watch
as watch they do, the birthing and the boring of
the round as rounder a woman (babe)
she rolls and rolls  - til moon and babe cry at night
cry for a mother's breast so full, as breast
so round so warm with milk, suckle, suckle it
all gone dry, all gone
those round-ton babes

as babe is born
of full and fat and roll'in babe - of round and thighs
sweet and whole, flesh on flesh
so full and round - til milk is dry all fall all fall down

as babe it born
of babe---

copyrighted 2012


  1. ugh babes born of babes is a sad thought itself...seen far too your continual return to round...and everything is certainly round in childbirth for sure...nice rhymes sprinkled through out make this flow really well bk

  2. your poem has a round feeling as well through the repetition and rhymes..and the circle closes in the end.. and again and again

  3. i like the rolling round and an unending circle so hard to break...nice one ~

  4. wow this is a real tongue twister ...really enjoyed it thank you x

  5. I too like the roundness of this poem...the circle of life...sorry for the lion king reference :) nice work!

  6. There's a wonderful playfulness with the words that I find charming and think fits the subject well.

  7. wonderful write, the flow and whimsical words and how they meld and sing together, perfect write, despite the subject

  8. What a marvelous write! Perfect take on the picture!

  9. Great repetition! Your poem perfectly fits the painting.

  10. Barbara, I believ you might be right. I KNOW you are 'write'. write RIGHT!
    Thanks, Girl-Peep

  11. Superb. A hymn of praise to rotundity - or not. But either way, brilliant.

  12. Nice to see a positive take on the art, even if the treatment is fittingly world-weary.

  13. Sad that so many babes are born of babes, but oh! this poem! Round and round and round it (roundly) goes. Birthing and boring (!) and rollin'--wonderful language, playful and also deep. Wonderful wonderful stuff. Thank you!