Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Christmas bkm

it seems the snow has fallen down
and left the world in winter bound
without a word, without a sound
where? hope this cold cold morning

the laughter of the children lost
the seas of north all edged in frost
and warmth now sought at any cost
where? hope this cold cold morning

where my mother who loved me so
where my sister of long ago
where the hope and where the glow of a Christmas morning

some claim a savior he has come
some say he is God's Blessed Son
await I do for ship bells rung
where? hope this cold cold morning

the roads now empty without soul
the debt of sins have left their toll
and who? this child I must know
where? hope this cold cold morning

where my father his life now claimed
where my brother who bares its shame, and
where the hope and where the glow of a Christmas morning

oh, do I hear the call of bells
the sound of angels too as well
and is this child of which they tell
come this cold cold morning

the shepherd and the shepherd's lamb
they both take knee where they stand
and pray the child is at hand
born this cold cold morning

where? the children once at play
they now sing in choir night and day
resound the joy of the babe born they say
born this Christmas morning

the warmth of love comes from the light
that God has sent in darkest night
a Holy Child pure and bright
born this Christmas morning

Hope was born this Christmas morning...

copyrighted 2011


  1. Oh Bkm....this would be a glorious song....each stanza stands beautiful on it's own....and the repeating line is wonderful. A poem of hope! :-)

  2. nice....this is a lovely christmas song bk...festive and celebratory...

  3. A great Christmas carol... love it!

  4. I can imagine this sung to "What Child Is This". The seas of the north, the empty roads, the morning cold, the carol sets out in an austere elegiac mode like "In the Bleak Midwinter", and the conclusion glows all the more warmly as a result.

  5. Thank you for this beautiful Christmas Carol. It has all the good elements - so wonderful as it returns to the resounding refrain "Hope was born this Christmas morning"..timeless, an instant classic!

  6. Yes, a classic. That last line is a gift! Overall, it reminds me of The Carol of the Bells.

    Merry Christmas bkm. :)

  7. Very artful blend of the traditional and the modern, the believing and the falling, the visual emptiness of the season and times and the soul's ancient craving for blessing. A carol that still rings true. - Brendan

  8. Magnificent! I love the rhymes and the repeating last line and how you interwove your personal life with the universal spiritual life of the Christian faith.

  9. nothing like hope

  10. I love this--what a beautifully told story of spiritual hope. Truly heart touching.

  11. A true Christmas carol capturing meaning and significance of this season.

  12. Barbara, your message of hope during this year's Christmas time, is appropriately posted, surrounded by religious intolerance, wars, insurrections, rebellions being quashed, tidal waves, rising rivers, melting glaciers and icy fingers.

    Thanks, dear, for good thoughts at this time.

  13. great story line,
    love the fabric in it.

  14. Beautiful song, bkm. Hope is a precious thing. Thank you--and Merry Christmas!