Thursday, November 3, 2011

developmental bard-ing

i have collected
key rings of every monogram
rested momentarily against
a space bar - vodka and tonic was the order
of the day - cursing
a sun that is always subtle in its awakening
it - having lasted longer
then most writers or instruments
of a developmental bard-ing

me, for me - that elusive key is
still out of reach leaving only
a single (?) mark and
outdated backspace, but (true) true even Mercury
goes retrograde - i suppose there is some
lesson within an
introspective reversal (never publish
until all goes in your direct-ion)

come midday
a future reflects an aging,
using  fear tactics to
highlight an unregulated tab key and talk
of a delete - i can not
change gods now - i have spent
a lifetime
covered in correction
paper threatening a timid shift key
into vowing the
fifth ....

Who?  Who else would listen to my confession????

copyrighted 2011

posted for Magpie Tales


  1. nice...some really cool word play in there...and the inclusions or work in of the keys as well ...

    i can not
    change gods now - i have spent
    a lifetime
    covered in correction
    paper threatening a timid shift key
    into vowing the
    fifth ....

    Who? Who else would listen to my confession????

    def my fav part....

  2. Who else would listen to my confession. I love that line. So much depth in so few words.

  3. are u an english teacher. life spent covered in corrections. heres to the red pen users of the world