Friday, September 16, 2011

glass houses

i walk above the ground
on stilts, above the strife
away from glass houses down below -now broken into life

and i write across the soil
in braille across my soul
"Does anyone recognise me?" - "Anyone there below?"

complying my fear of falling
in with my fear of hand
titling fear until it overtakes  me - too distant to understand

the hills and deep valleys of desert
and god's waters without end
i walk, i just write across the barren -  throwing words against the wind

copyrighted 2011

Posted for Poets United - glass houses Thursday Think Tank

Got the Everyday Goddess Award for this one...Thank You so much...bkm



  1. I really enjoyed this... especially the last verse..."throwing words against the wind"

  2. To walk on stilts - this is what I'd fear the most.

    Great take at the prompt Barbara. :-)

  3. wicked the braile....the glass house broke in life below...and great end as well throwing words in the wind...

  4. You've done it again! This is musical and tight and I so relate to it. It breaks new wind(ows).

  5. stunning! i so enjoy your work.

    i gave you one of my weekly Goddess awards if you would like to stop by my place to collect it.

    In joy,

  6. there is a sense of darkness in this poem, but beautiful words. the poet walks above the glasshouses, does it mean he/she is above vanity which grabbed this land, is it falling towards sin the poet fear? a poem to think about. well done.

  7. Keep throwing those words against the wind, especially when they come back like this. Fear, yes, but determination also.
    Thank you.

  8. Love the imagery of this, stilts, words against the wind

  9. A brilliant and beautiful poem Bkm....i love this is well deserving of a goddess award indeed! :-)