Monday, August 15, 2011

the art of painting

the art of painting any given day
time spent planning is seldom reminisced.  with
all course of challenge, so neatly tucked away,
as that moment when your lips I first did kiss.

foreshadowed plans placed to an empty shelf.
forgotten to author, so forgotten to a season well at hand.
brushing one kiss to my kiss, against
the symmetry of an artist's purse.

a canvas replaced, revised
as love does revise any corporal man,
impressing daylight to a wall
not given to shape or such prior colors versed,

allowing love give way
to the making of loves own
intrinsic master plan. a portrait
not envisioned, not drawn - but immortally rehearsed.

a vision painted as only the truest mortal can....

copyrighted 2011


  1. This was such a pleasure to read! Love/Art, Art/Love...wonderful! :)

  2. Love the image of an intrinsic master plan ...

  3. really like that 3rd stanza bk...lots of nice touches pointing back to the artist whose hand moves all and our struggle within...

  4. wonderfully weaved words and a pleasure to enjoy!

  5. Amazing poem-- You excel at powerful imagery and I love the enjambment in this poem. xxxj

  6. I really like the metaphor of painting/love and it coincidentally mirrors the theme of the newest entry on my blog called 'art and marriage'. Anyway - love your poem. Cheers :)

  7. What a nice surprise, your combining my two favorite topics. As peeps (who know me) know, I have that belief the final analysis, there will be left but one feature, one characteristic, which will fill to brimming all what we call void, or firmament.

    And all of the arts (again, my own 'take') are destined to raise us to a place above the chaotic world, to a degree of peace. IOW, to the final goal, ongoing, everlasting, unadulterated LOVE!

    And you--YOU bkm, have pout these together into a most pleasant read. Sorry about long comment, but ALL of mine are lengthy--grin!

    PEACE (and LOVE!) I sound like a hippie LOL!

  8. You are so clever and witty you should be a writter. I hope you are a successfuk one. Because I would pay to read ur work.

  9. Henry that is a beautiful comment - as all comments are...I do thank you...bkm

  10. Your poem made me think of a woman. A master painter of lips.

    A true vision painted by a pure poet.

  11. An interesting and creative idea: the portrait of love.

  12. Such soul and beauty. I enjoyed this!

  13. there is so much here that i cant quite get it all. all i know is that i like it and that after thinking over the words all day today it will start to piece together and ill luv it even more

  14. Love well painted. Thanks for this.