Thursday, July 28, 2011


the grasses
of the Sarengetti
differ from
the grasses of Iowa

differ from Viet Nam, Scotland
the Ukraine, yes 

grass differs in length, stature
and too - color - browns to green; sage
to yellows - to burnt to brown

lush versus tender, tall
it versus
mowed - woven into rooted humus

grass holds
our ancestral ghost, holds
our hearts - holds our
breath -

grass unites
all who trespass
its boundaries; beast or bird - heed its calling
in wind and sun, in
heat and rain,  - grass

feeds us, pulls us
warms us and weaves us
we milk it
we harvest it
we turn it - we

taste its soul
on summers day 
lodge it between
our teeth - and it


lays us down
lion to lamb

copyrighted 2011


  1. a simple topic, but you take the reader on a journey...nice one bkm.

  2. ..yes, i agree with Old Ollie.. very simple subject but volumes really wide.. things will never be totally the same as the one in other side of the world... there's always a diffirence that could be traced like the twins who may seem the same in many ways still differs in strokes of finger prints. i enjoyed it.


  3. Lush, colorful - grass is one of my favorite plants. Not the forced lawn-type, but the natural grasses mixing Timothy with others in upstate New York, the burnt-umber grasses above in the image. It's truly one of God's miracles, adaptable and always with us...
    My take was, um... different! Amy

  4. lovely...i like to walk barefoot in it...and i do tend to put sprig in my mouth as i walk around at ref there at the end as well...

  5. It was beautiful, the difference the deep thoughts... it was a feeling.. I loved it :)


  6. Good one, Barbara! I loved the thought of the different grasses all over the world. Basic food -and home - to so many species.

  7. It shows the world is not so easily simple a thing, yet so majestic in how you sight it. Most hardly give it a second thought, as we see it every day...but it can take us on a journey the world over. Lovely.

  8. Lovely take. Never anticipated the simple blade of grass can evoke such tender feelings

  9. I love the view over here and how you magical took us away. "our ancestral ghost, holds
    our hearts - holds our
    breath -

  10. Is it only when used as a prompt we truly look at grass? You traveled the world to give us a fresh look. Excellent.

  11. "grass holds
    our ancestral ghost,"

    made me think of our ancient connection to grasslands.