Thursday, July 7, 2011

an evening with charles bukowski

i spent the evening
collecting beer bottles with
charles bukowski  - i wanted
to learn how to be a great poet, maybe
a writer someone wanted to
read..or remember

i asked, don't whores drink
out of beer bottles -
he said,  they drink
out of whatever you shove into their f...king mouth

he added, you have to be
careful where you step around here -  the streets
are full of piss; i know
i have slept in it, but
then there

is poetry
in piss,  piss and the
music of these whores.  there
is music in hell, just ask satan.   listen and you
can hear it - up there
coming from that window  - some
whore is getting paid good
f...king money
for singing
like that  - then

she will buy some beer, throw
her bottles in the gutter here - drunks
will  piss on them
will collect them, recycle them -

it all has redeemable
value, nothing
is wasted - not yet, but i'm working on it

copyrighted 2011


  1. hell yes...nice bk...bokowski is a fav...and there is redeeming (poetic) value in everything...thanks for the smiles.

  2. I have to say i am not a fan of Bukowski. Too much ugly for its own sake.

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  4. I have to say I don't know a lot about Bukowski, but this piques my interest for sure. I do believe it's all redeemable, nothing useless. I might have to do some more learning. Thanks for the spotlight on him :).

  5. courageous, excellent, strong... I love Buk's writing it speaks to me.. it's not for everyone.

  6. Not really familiar with Bukowski... think I have only read one piece of his. Thanks for enlightening me a little more on his work.

  7. I have never been a fan of bukowski - but I started listening to him read on youtube and find it fasinating that he had so many followers and - that is what led me to write this....thanks for your comments...bkm

  8. As with all great and not-so-great authors, his/their work lives long after they have passed. You say he is "talking" on You-Tube, yet he died 17 years ago.

    Somewhat of a shock-writer, Heinrich Bukowski MUST have lived for good reason. I guess. (sigh!)

    Well, he WAS a good poet....

    Your depiction of him is PERFECT!


  9. Yes Steve - he has been dead for awhile and never recovered from the hell of his drinking..yet is that what made him a great poet - I do not know..question I am asking myself - anyone have an answer?...bkm

  10. I don't need Bukowski, I have you to read. Good job bkm.

  11. Shockingly brilliant, yes. I guess it just depends upon the way we twist the lens to see and sometimes make ourselves aware of when we do not. I don't know, but I personally believe great poets don't always have to live in hell. They just need to be sensitive to its existence. :)

  12. I like the way Bukowski says things and I see you've really spent some quality time with him. I love it, though you're a lady! Well written and strong, thanks for writing. <3

  13. Excellent poem!
    I know that many don't like Bukowski and his raw poetry. I started reading it when I was in my early 20's and lived in Croatia. Since I moved to US and I was surprised to find out that not many know about him, and those who do don't really like his poems. I think his poetry is very honest and real take on life.

  14. I don't know much about (and in truth never had much interest in) Bukowski, though I'm aware he has influenced many. I like your take on him, however, especially in the way that poets recycle everything..."it all has redeemable value."
    Yes. Thank you.