Friday, July 8, 2011


i stepped into
a church
looking for God -  throughout
the pews were
christians baring huge holes where
their hearts once were - strung together
like beads on a necklace

the preacher
stood up-  the altar
crumbled - he cried out "in the name of the

"amen"  - came from the heartless

"in the name of the


"in the name of the holy spirit"


the organ began to melt
and the hymns moved to undecipherable
upon key -
yet the congregation kept
mouthing the word

a child walked
down the aisle straight towards me
in one hand he carried the
last candle
with flame - in the other a sacred heart

he asked why i came - i told
him i was seeking God - he said

he is not here - follow me

i asked him where he was going -

to starbucks he said   -  what do you drink? i asked

he replied - Water  - i said - me too.

copyrighted 2011


  1. Like the story of a guy (guess who?) praying at home before going to mass. As he walked out the door of his home, he said, "Oh, by the way, God...if you want me, I'll be at church!"

  2. Thanks Weston and Steve you are our heart we know where he resides and hopefully we keep him close...thanks..bkm

  3. Amazing. Thank you for writing this.

  4. yes...strong verse bk...and sadly true...rote religeon does not add up to God without heart...and often i find it more elsewhere...

  5. Was God at Starbucks?! :) I loved this...

  6. Some church goers leave their hearts elsewhere on Sunday and throughout the week. The concern seems to be what they are wearing and who they can act holier than. That is God's house...they should behave themselves.
    I'll have my skinny vanilla latte with a dollop of hallelujah, please.

  7. nicely played, bkm. Religion is not the same as spirituality in many cases, I think.

  8. It's sad when you don't find God in the church.

  9. Holy water at Starbucks.

  10. moving story, poetic and beautiful.

    Happy Sunday.
    Do join poetry potluck when you can.
    bless you.

  11. The heartless - I love this poem so much!!!!! Brilliant!