Monday, April 4, 2011

Wooden Nickel

my land rover
destroyed by a herd
of mutated buffalo
crossing the badlands
of  an agony

with thirst wringing my
neck until I did readily
submit -

then a letter came
wrapped perfection stamped -
      "we don't accept SHIT" thoughts hit the metal
       with rubber now in shreds ..

"...for crap is crap -it won't make chap"

I had enough of this clarified hell, well
pulling the plug, I let this sorrow drain
got a new set of tires
and a fool's worth of rush to limit any deep setting pain
headed towards the ocean
where the rural mermaids sit....and read out loud
my poetry labeled
grammatically as shit....the moon winked a smile
as I flipped a nickel carved of wood
getting sideswiped by a bison - that
was pinned beneath
my damaged hood

copyrighted 2011

No, not a true it was not written out of frustration - I was listening to a Tom Waits CD and amazed by his story telling...bkm


  1. O' I do like this one!
    Let me be the first to say "well done"!

  2. I get more & more amazed with every read... really appreciate the clever abstract element in your work! wish I'd have thought of this one

  3. thanks Richard and Anthony...thought of this one while listening to Tom to you both...thanks for stopping in..bkm

  4. eh, you know taking a no is hard but dont let it bang you up get enough no's and you get closer to the yes...

  5. Ah Publishing ... as it was said elsewhere, its a matter of artificial swine passing over real pearls ... there are worse things than badlands exile ... like getting recognized by the folks who love poetry least. Love the rural mermaids, and that moon giving you a knowing wink ... Brendan

  6. I hope this is merely poetic license, as your poetry is anything but "S#$@!
    As a child, I had a collection of wooden nickels from Sudbury, Ontario - home of the "Big Nickel".


  7. You better save those wooden nickels! You won't need them soon!

  8. I like the new look. :) I enjoyed the raw feeling and even if not true you captured rejection well with it's edge of pissed.

  9. dig this..dig Waits and ironically, was thinking about a 55 to a song of his... btw, just saw your latest posts, thoughts and prayers...shanti~