Friday, April 1, 2011

the river

at the river stands a woman,
holding for a lover
holding for a child
in want of water
in want of thought, a teething reed

who knows the water?
who knows the constant? flow of need...

a homeless man cold, his stench - moves
as a boy with no father,
as a man with no mother
in need of water
in need of thought, a teething seed

who holds the river?
who holds the water? of constant feed...

a child holds the river, the constant still
the child knowing mother
the child knowing father
their search of water
their search of creed, a need to fill

let flow the river!
let flow the water! the child willed...

copyrighted 2011


  1. I like the "teething reed" "of constant feed". I also like the new look of your page.

  2. Yes, you have redecorated. Dark and rich. Very nice post...difficult things to write about.

  3. Hope is a like is a constant need...i love the repitition in this powerful poem is a new favorite of yours for me....and i love your new look! :-)

  4. River, water, child, flow...this is so beautiful. Elegant in its power.
    I love the new look, too.

  5. the innocence of a child is very powerful