Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monkey Town Blues

Heading to a blues, a brand
new blue monkey town
I am head'n there,  head'n to Monkey Town
I am goin by way the 12 O'clock news, choosin
a phone call from out'a here, I will be goin

somewhere to play me around.  I'm goin to play me some blues
I'll be head'n over, head'n somewhere,
head'n down
these feet goin too...face a place,a place called Monkey Town
goin by way of news - on a road
that road where a body could never,  if
ever know me as blue...on a road, a Rhythm Road...
scoping up,
scoping down a tale
maybe two, play'n, sway'n the Monkey Street blues, walk'n
on past, walk'n on down
away from anyone know'n, remember'n
having me - my monkey around

Head'n on down
just my monkey, this monkey and me
We'll be head'n straight up, my monkey
and me head'n down
gonna play us some rhythms,  play us
some blues, in a place called Monkey Town, can't
trace us back, no tracks to the blues, we're goin get there,
by way of after-noon news, can't be late
for this home, our home of the blues, we're goin free
you'll see us there, that's it
that's where you'll find a blue monkey and me
you'll find me in Monkey Town

play'n the....Monkey Town Blues

copyrighted 2011

Posted for One Shoot Sunday featuring James Rainsford's Photography


  1. Cool. Next time you do a show/podcast you should read this one. Would like to hear which words you emphasize. Great mix of lyrics with metaphor.

  2. This has a great jazz beat and really cries out to be spoken aloud.

  3. That is awesome. It was so great and such a different voice for you. We're gonna ask you to sit in when Claudia and I have our blues jam one fine day! Hurrah for you BKM. Loved this!

  4. Cool jazz meant to be read on a beat, to beat, to swing in the river of poetry in it. Thanks, bkm!

  5. Skippin' (or slippin') outta Sad Town on this banana peel of a song. Love the skipping careen of it, a heart drowning in blues that keeps its head above water enough to sing this ditty. Or is it the monkey who's singing? - Brendan

  6. This was an interesting fun, poem, I love the spirit and the language it brings to life, you spoke a jazz language here.. brilliant and creative

  7. There seems to be an undercurrent, syncopated jazz rhythm with an overlay of blues! The effect is fascinating, creating an enchanting music through these words!

  8. definitely a musical poem... feelin' the blues comin' through. i'd love to hear you read it, too. great One Shoot!!!

  9. When I saw the photo in the prompts, for some reason I thought of a choreographed dance - as if this were the set for the dance up and down the escalators. Your poem has that rhythm (and it rocks, too).

  10. nice beat bk...i really like the feel of this one...and i like monkeys too...smiles. a rather fun write...

  11. ha - nice - i'm always in when it comes to blues...this could be song lyrics bkm - excellently played..!!

  12. This was an enjoyable read, BKM. Simultaneous southern swing with serious undertones. We, the silly, silly monkeys. "We The People..."

    PS: I also like how you use BKM, and I use BKP. Cheers.

  13. Loved and appreciated the jazzy beat in this poem Barbara, but you managed to bring out the darker meaning of the poem utilizing those beats. Masterful indeed. Really enjoyed the read

  14. What a delight, your blue monkey in Monkeytown, singin' the blue monkey town blues!

  15. So cool ~ very lyrical ~ and upbeat sounds ~ in Monkey Town ~ great take on the pic prompt ~ Lib ~ @libithina

  16. The blues goes everywhere, up and down and all over us and our Monkey Town. Love the road there from the news--and that line "...away from anyone know'n, remember'n/having me..." really got to me. Amazing images and feel to this one, barbara. Nice work.

  17. Love the cadence in this. Barbara. As does Dustus, I'd love to hear it aloud. It begs to be heard.

  18. Yes...the blues are really coming out in this one. Nice rhythm!

  19. wow, I love seeing new sides of your writing skills. This was fun, full of beat, and a real treat to read.

  20. This is so cool. I'd like to see it worked up on the guitar, actually. Very well done! xxxj

  21. An unexpected, but rhythmic poem. It's amazing the diversity that one image can elicit. I enjoyed this immensely. James.

  22. For some reason, this reminds me of that old song "Jackson."

  23. would love to hear this read (as others have said) hear your cadence, to hear your sound.. call it blues, call it jazz, either way, rockn' poetry ~

  24. Music fills the page...and your poetry uplifts the heart.

    How are you, Bkm dear?