Saturday, April 9, 2011

acumen amalgamated

feel the wind,
on storm
on parceled paper cupped
empty in wait, late
as salted rain sheds sheets of clarity
deluged standing straight

the river blazes, wearing stringed
pearls (chocolate)
a wisdom, borrowed
from abalone shells  fossilized
melted to thinning transparencies
ebony granite, veined random
(some) order
acumen amalgamated

copyrighted 2011

Posted for Magpie Tales - this is random but that is where my mind has been the past few days....

prognosis on husband is sounding better.(it was a large tumor)  ..there will be some treatments but it is not invasive which was the best we could ask for all those blessed thoughts and prayers have been so, so appreciated and I can not thank you all enough...bkm


  1. bk...some delish word play...order ordained...sheds sheets...and the fun geological play in the second stanza...

  2. Well, maybe I'm not SUPPOSED to 'understand' this...but I sure feel the salted rain, the wind--storm, taste the stringed chocolate pearls (from a blazing river?)

    Love your wordings...and I did not have to look up a single one--grin!

    But the best news is that your husband could have been SO much worse off--and isn't! God bless him--and YOU!

  3. what a potpourri of beautiful words. thanks for sharing

  4. This beautiful poem slips around the senses like warming port wine! Heavenly!

  5. I am so glad he (and you) are coming through...

    As far as the poem goes, it sounds lovely but I have no idea what it means (maybe I should read it again tomorrow - it is 2am right now...I have a 4th grade girls' slumber party going on in my basement and there is nothing "slumber" about it!)

  6. If this is where your mind has been, you articulated it beautifully.

    Good to know things are better.

  7. I have a sense of having clarity from reading this poem

  8. Wonderful writing! I love the words you have chosen, acumen. You are shrewd in your choice. Everything is going to be OK.

  9. Amalgamated - I love the concept of this piece!

  10. beautiful poem!

  11. gorgeous imagery not toally understood, but the good news about your husband explains a lot.... believe in miracles...........

  12. Deep and meaningful.

    I think I can see where you've been which is understandable.

    I did not know that you husband was ill (I'm a new comer to your page) but delighted to read that the prognosis is good. Prayers will be offered.

  13. I know this piece does not make sense...maybe because ...the day I wrote it did not make sense either...but thoughts kept flooding my brain....thank you all...bkm

  14. "as salted rain sheds sheets of clarity". I just LOVE this!

  15. Very moved me...

  16. Beautiful. I love the notion of the river blazing.

  17. "abalone shells fossilized.."
    Very powerful! I have always loved the intense imagery that you do with so much ease.. apparently life makes one creative!!

    I read the note written below.. sending you uncountable wishes n prayers!

    Hugs xox

  18. Delectable, smart entry for this meme. Exemplary.