Wednesday, March 9, 2011

time to say good-bye

I never heard about your suicide
maybe because you could
not bring yourself to that "good-bye
cruel world" place you were always mumbling
about.   You did however, have no problem with
waving sayonara to this place or that
place where you left the dog all alone
and a big hole next to the tv.  I sat and stared
at it for the longest time, so did the dog and
the remote. "What the hell" it said
 "what did I ever do to him."  I do not know, I kept
saying.   I finally decided to I filled it with all
 your empties ( threw the remote
 in so you had a slave in the next life),
 the dog pissed on it and we called it good for
a one last blessing,  I told all your dudes that you died
and we already had the funeral.  Sorry, I said, it
happened all so suddenly; no time for all the
proper good-bye shit.   State Farm did however, 
honor the life insurance policy so I had that hole area
totally remodeled,  turned the tv room into a wine tasting
room.  The State Farm agent I found out perfers
his grapes from the Northern Rhone Valley;  I had
him move  in, after all the insurance money came
through of course.  Thought I'd let you know in case you
wanted to recycle those empties.  Also, don't forget
there are still plenty of good reasons for suicide, hope
there isn't anything I said or did that keeps 
stopping you from fulfilling your dream..

copyrighted 2011

Thought I would try some something a little different today....bkm


  1. This is haunting, but raw in such a delicate way.

  2. Your poetic voice is very strong here. Goodbye, and don't let the door hit you on the way out!
    A bad subject, but a good write!

  3. Wow, Barbara. Love the cynicism and survival in the voice of this dark poem. You handle it in such a realistic way. I think the dark muse was floating around this week.

  4. thanks, I figure it is always good to entertain more than one muse....bkm

  5. something different indeed... you, go, girl!

  6. dang...harsh and vivid...i like teh remote being the slave in the next life...dang...

  7. So it seems he wanted it that way, so he must be respected i guess for that.
    No good-bye is a nice goodbye esp.for the ones left behind, i mean for us, who will never understand why they did it their way... harsh is death either way...

  8. A sad and haunting poem. I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog:

  9. Oooh, cold! "here's the remote in case you need a slave in the next life"; don't forget to toss out the empties.
    Wicked fun; your dark side has a bite!

    (Also thank you for the request; I am very flattered. Have real time tomorrow--more via email...)

  10. Thank you are a gem...bkm

  11. Yee-hah! The speaker scooted that dirty doggie out the hole he evicted his life from. A stout refusal to take any responsibility for that bastard's bum farewell. It's the purest form of revenge against those who take their revenge against life, thinking everyone will be sorry when they're gone ... Brendan

  12. Dark, very dark but oh so enjoyable. What a talent.