Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweeping Corners....

I am so often criticized
for eating fruit whole or at least
in large hunks...a uneven slice of cheddar (sharp)
and a rip of bread...What? I say could possibly
be of error in savoring time
with the clock making faces at me
for liv(ing)...

there is no reason
to spend more
drops or drips of slow moving metaphors in a danger zone
No one - can declare I can not chef it or surrender
basil to garlic or lack ability
to spice up any one's life force, for

I am master of  sandwich
and vino...but bring your own condiments
if you choose to dine in....I can not
understand this form of sentiment,
worst being sweet over dill ...and mayo is but a clinic
I hope to never visit conscious

and, god knows I do not do bones
or fish eyes...trauma runs deep with raged tempest
for body parts no longer viewed as movable feast
a hunk is good...
loaf, provolone and un-skinned remedy of cider
because there is something
innately evil in detail ....and taking the time
to sweep in the corners....



  1. Lovely poem. I hate cooking for one! I like your meal plan, it works for me.

  2. This is very clever! I so enjoyed it. Love "bring your own condiments." And never visiting mayo conscious! Hee hee. MY fridge is full of condiments but no actual food, hee hee! Hmmm....there may be a poem there:) Good one, bkm......

  3. Stick to the meat and the marble rye, saith the poetic, eat yer fruit whole: Honey, this ain't no rock n roll show. (p.s., My wife is more afraid, metaphorically, of a schmear of mayo than a swiping tidal wave. Well, nearly.) ((p.p.s., Love the ad!)) - Brendan

  4. ha. marvelous word play teh rhyme with sandwich...and a hunk is good...snickers at mayo and concious...

  5. This is a beautifully constructed feasting of words. Well done. I'm going to read it again and consider dinner!

  6. bkm,
    I think I still might accept an invite to dine. I'm not a bones, skin, claws or eyes diner either!!!


  7. SHARP Cheddar? Now you're talking!
    I'll never criticize you for eating that!

  8. Oh, lawd...swooning, I am. It is rare that someone feels the way I do about a sandwich (and the jury is still out for me on mayo).

    But, oh! what a lovely sentiment! Corners, corners, leave me be...