Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Writer's Affirmation

Today: I will stand firm in my conviction to
view the day in only 3-dimensions.  Today: I will
see the world in full color, Kinemacolor, Cinecolor and Technicolor
accompanied by full surround sound and digitally kinetic .  I will
embrace the beauty of yellow and red ceramic dishes, teacups, and
a dirty dog's dish.  I will dive into the waters of cleanliness
and a bucket of floor wash. 

Today: I will not Write

Today: I am stronger and able to face my demons, a black in white
typed, ink driven world of chaos and will move forward instead as Hoover
and I become one with the blue-grey carpet.   Pledging to dust
all wood and organize each and every book referenced.

Today: I am not going to Write

Today: I am free of addiction-  I am clean of compulsion, facing
the green shower curtain Dragon, the unrelenting Cyclops latrine
head on and sailing the  through tumultuous seas
of Grail transformation. 

Today: I am going to try not to Write

Today:  I will move towards the light with frantic pace to avoid these
compulsive, obsessive defects appearing in the dishwater, churning up
in Scrub Bubbles and being whispered to my ear by a seductive
Mr. Clean, that I then am able to rest in evening's twilight

Today: I am going to Write very little

Today: I if I hurry I can get in one Turner Classic Black and White, if I
go faster I can find a respite to type a few notes.  Today: Dimensions are
multiplying faster then before and the Cyclops is rebelling, I fear being
swallowed whole.

Today: I am going to Write

Today:  I will Write......Yes, Write now!!!!

copyrighted 2011


  1. Giggles... you made me laugh. THANK YOU for that!!

    And today, I am writing, baby. You better believe it!

  2. oh, I know this feeling. I was at the eye doctor this morning waiting for almost 2 hours and thinking...don't you know I have to go home and write before the kids come back from school...geez!

  3. haha, this is so nice! that Mr. Clean is a handsome seductive fellow...

  4. and write you did...ha. what a delight to read...yeah i cant imagine a day without writing...even just a little...

  5. I am managing to get some cleaning between writing......thanks for commenting...bkm

  6. right now write now... you've written it all for a poet makes art with words that only a poet
    Great, B!

  7. YOUR are so right to write~ I loved it, great imagery, fun to read~ You are clever!

  8. I so love this! So funny! I think we all need cleaning ladies - hey, I AM one! What's wrong with this picture?

  9. Brilliant write , so glad you did write today, this is a classic piece of poetry. Very eloquent.


  10. I love liquid manifestoes, where chaos and the rage to order get a chance to sing their parts ... where inner and outer life can share a raucous beach! -- Brendan

  11. I love this! It reminds me of how I always tell myself that if I just do a bit of cleaning then I can reward myself by writing. Suffice it to say that the dishes have been abandoned to the kitchen sink and the Hoover is dusty. Write on!

  12. Okay, I was skeptical when I saw you link up One Shoot Sunday within like 30 seconds lol, but your poem works well and is very creative. Great poem about being a writer, bkm.

  13. I know Dustus...but I wrote this one just this week and fit well - so thought I would link it in...and give it a little more exposure....thanks...bkm

  14. love it! i gotta say, when the muse calls there's nothin' to do but write.

  15. oh this sounds so familiar...great, love, love this...

  16. Poetry, addiction, writing ... and the old rusty trusty typewriter! I've already commented on the poem above, but I wanted to add that JackAZ's picture for Sunday's picture challenge couldn't fit better with your poem's rant. I can hear those keys smack smack smacking away with passion, frenzy and greed! - Brendan

  17. ...and a white flag wavers, surrender needed...

    glad you gave in...HA...I foresee a National Holiday...Pen and Paper Day

    Peace, hp

  18. Today, I am going to read your poem, and say I loved the drama you brought to it, today I am going to say nice one, and you are blessed with the gift of the word...

  19. Ha! Brilliant. The cyclops thing has me a little freaked out. Two writes don't make a wrong dear. Enjoy a day of color.

  20. Hahaa cleaning I could do with a cleaner, and an actual brain that will detach with little hands to write things for me. Great creative freeverse Bkm xxx

  21. Seing an old dusty Royal typewriter -- and understanding all the words and emotions that flowed from it -- and how all of that becomes a restated commitment to write. Good poem, B.K.

  22. You are so in my head on this one... probably many of our heads... It's right to write, but so often pulls me away from other things, especially mentally.

  23. Wonderful post-LMAO. Love the progression of resolutions dissolving into our universal need to spew those words. I have vacuuming to do...later.

    Excellent piece in all ways, and what a neat quirk of fate to get the photo for it after the fact.

  24. One of your very best. You've certainly got the write stuff right here!

  25. Ah... The magnificent lure of the "ROYAL". love it.

  26. Barb, an amusing piece that starts out with
    such affirmation and ending with resignation.
    I write every day myself. I can't seem to stop.
    I used to be that way about painting, but now
    the pen is in charge.


  27. Fun back n' forth work with great imagery and attitude.

  28. Write now I have thoroughly enjoyed your writing. Thanks much for sharing your wonderful talent with us mere mortals.

  29. This is a very different approach. I enjoyed it very much.