Tuesday, February 15, 2011

High Noon

never have been one
for fondling form or the familiar -
finite syllables, as do fences feel restrictive
make me itch (bad), thirst
for a pool of calamine and a box
of benadryl
I like sticking out
like a good set of falsies against a landscape
with an endless horizon,
infinite possibilities
and quests of  promise

me - I wanna be
a Gary Cooper kind of poet
you know with deep dark eyes and a voice
capable of melting a frozen
rump roast faster than Superman on steroids
packing a six shooter
accented with a western string tie (now that is poetry)
but hell I'm not a man
come equipped with a revolver
guess I'll have to seek
out another kinda hero looking good
maybe in buckskin,
full breasted and fast to the draw
a Jane or an Annie
 (a heroine tote'n like minded armor)

Annie, now there
was a woman for you, got the man too
a man that could shoot and
will'n to carry his own gun - plus, Big Plus here - she got
a lifetime sponsorship with Oakley
that my friend is as good as it gets...

but none of this
nattering has a thing do with building fences, form or f..'n anything - for that matter
so lets get
back to form in poetry, well I say it is
what it is, and with
the sun screaming High Noon
I'm gonna call it Good - seal it, stamp it and submit it as
one of them  Italian Sonnets
grab me a beer and wait
on the rural carrier......

copyrighted 2011

Posted for One Shot Wednesday...


  1. wow !!! always love your poetry ,, such amazing feelings and images ,,

    PS : i loved more the old header ,,

  2. love the western style tune you wrote this in..perfect fit of voice and theme

  3. my oh my but you are a splendid writer! Juicy meaty lines.....like a good steak dinner!

  4. thank you Lady Nimue and Anthony -- I love your writing too...so very vivid ....

    thank you Claudia and thanks for hosting...i honor all your hard work plus find time to write ...bkm

  5. haha...love it...not much for form...(best cowpoke voice) don't fence me in....smiles

  6. An unusual subject matter perfectly done. Enjoyed this.

  7. bkm,
    This piece certainly hit a high note.
    Haven't heard falsies for 40 years.
    I like the challenge that form demands, sorta like a crossword puzzle only different, capiche?

  8. Funny to read, so many western heroes real and movie star type, showed up. This has a cryptic style...Great Job; I want a beer ;-D

  9. Totally love this Bkm....and just for the record your poetry could melt the world's rump roast! I have been a fan of your words since the first time I stopped by your blog almost a year ago!! :-)

  10. Wow, your voice in this is spot-on! Love the idea of "the Gary Cooper poet with the deep dark eyes" and the voice that would melt a rump roast. And the set of falsies against a landscape - what a killer line! Terrific writing!

  11. well of course you know you are an artist, but let me remind you i know too!
    Great meandering poem; Barbara

  12. Kathy, Dulce, Brian, Carrie, Rel, Sherry, Ella and Anthony...great Big Thank Yous to all....bkm

  13. I'm laughin, barbara. You are one hell of a cowboy, and screw em if they can't take a joke, I always say. I do form when its fun--if it stops amusing me, it's history in more ways than one.

  14. I am with you Hedge...you gotta mix it up a bit..can not be stiff all the time or people will put a headstone on you and call you dead....bkm

  15. Barb, I love the western theme you
    chose for this poem. Quite a tale.
    I got a good laugh out of this.


  16. What a great way to approach the topic. You have a very strong and unique voice in this poem, Barbara. I always enjoy reading your work.

  17. That was great. lol! A well written narrative piece with some humor and sass. :)

  18. Entertaining, brilliant poetic commentary. Indeed, it is High Noon, and I think if you challenged me to a duel, I would run as soon as you begin your ten paces. lol Definitely an edge to your wit and humor, bkm

  19. Wow! (she said, fanning herself.) What a simile and metaphor dance marathon! Brilliant! It was like the whole cavalry came riding out (on all sides) and I didn't know where to look first!


  20. So, I sincerely love everything about this, everything :)

  21. Oh my heavens, I loved it. Then, I'm partial to western mythology. And, confessionally, to haikus. But more out of necessity.

  22. This was soooo inventive...."Frozen rump roast"...

    LOL! Where DO you come up with your imagery?

    Absolutely amazing poem.

    Lady Nyo

  23. That was so much fun to read. Great execution of a creative idea.

  24. Thanks everyone that I did not already thank...it was a fun write...glad everyone enjoyed it...bkm

  25. Loved the western theme. Ever listen to Chris LeDoux? If you like western's you can't go wrong with him. So are you an Eastwood or Wayne? Personally, I always like Shane myself. Something about the stylized & sanitized b & w world he lived in. Fantastic poem, very much enjoyed the read. (ooh, go see the new Coen bros. version of True Grit. The girl that plays the young chick was f'n AWESOME.)


  26. Love it! The voice is spot on and the humor made me grin. It's western theme is clever--how it relates to not being fenced in (by form), seeking instead those wide open spaces. And I was drawn in immediately by the consonance of the first stanza. Really fun poem!

  27. Oops! Can't let this go: *its not it's

  28. I loved the way you wove Will Kane - the independent spirit doing what's right - into your poetry.

  29. Really enjoyable Bkm, I'm aiming more for spike Milligan in my work I think ;) thanks for sharing x

  30. Some fine frontier beer-hall song you have here, podner. Fenceless and unzipped and with a whole Western continent to gallop across, falsies to the wind, poem after poem after poem. Them Italian Sonnets you can roast on a stick next to the prairie dogs. - Brendan

  31. Great piece! I love where you went and let me tag along! No form, no fences....

  32. amidst your declaration, I hear a plea...and you rally against both...a super read here...I try to find the usefulness in forms and find a way to make them function in my world

    Peace, hp

    thanks for stopping by

  33. God you've got style. Highly entertaining - mixing that western grit with Superman and Gary Cooper, all tied together in this message on form and poetry...inventive way of going about it. Don't let them fence you - keep up the independence! And enjoy the beer, of course, as you continue the commentaries...

  34. Thanks all...it is not that I don't like form...because it is beautiful and needed and adds the discipline and tools that writers need - but sometimes you just gotta...let it loose and shake it up...or stagnation sets in...that is now the West was won...bkm

  35. Everyone else has said it. Just wanted to post that I enjoyed this piece a lot. Liked the different tone, the message, and the images. It all fit together well. Thank you, Gay @beachanny

  36. I really like the addition of the asides (in parentheses). I enjoy working with accents and dialects and you've got the cowpoke twang down mighty fine, ma'am.


  37. Entertaining to say the least! This was great. :)

  38. Loved it. Love your "don't fence me in" attitude. You never were comfortable in that cubicle either.

  39. hah!! Be if form, words or style, you are simply awesome, bkm!
    The slangs, the references, the "explanation" in parentheses... they all seemed to be in perfect harmony with each other here!

    My liking for your poetry only keeps growing!! :))

  40. I like sticking out
    like a good set of falsies against a landscape
    with an endless horizon

    Each week you have left me on the edge of my seat and now this...you made me fall off and onto the dusty trail, thankful for the padding afforded by a good, no perfect, set of falsies.

    I'm glad you sealed it, stamped it, submitted it and handed it over to the rural carrier. Thanks so much so sharing.

  41. Dear BKM
    Very interesting and beautifully written.. I enjoyed your thoughts on the way to write and comparisons... Liked it.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  42. You cover so many styles so well your blog is always inspiring and well written and designed. much respect.
    CW Hanna