Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Plain Truth

there seems to be a global market
for plain truth, but
plain truth
is never really plain, is it?

as a slice of white bread
is not purely  white, and biting into it
the inconsistent consistency's of crust -
to filling, give its flaws away...questioning the need of
tooth pick or thumbnail - truth is - as I see it (of course)
the most uncertain certainty thought up
by the mind of man -  as I can measure it within self
and read, and listen, and take note
of  today's truth I must then accept or reject
what is presented against what I have the capacity
to understand - spread its sweet or bitter on one slice
of bread - some crunching peanut butter on the
other - give it a good patting together for
good measure - and bite right into its wisdom and its nuts
knowing that digesting any truth, plain
 or otherwise is not easy,
- without a good cup of strong coffee ...

copyrighted 2011


  1. I have been stalking your blog for a little while and I must say that your words are simple, beautiful, evocative and powerful. I truly enjoy reading these small bits of your mind :)

  2. Thank you Nunee, nice to meet you please come made my day...blessings...bkm

  3. I so love of the best I've read from you. I enjoyed the wordplay as well as the reasonable thoughts you spread on the poem like the peanut butter on the slice of bread. Sadly, I dont have a cup of coffee to go with it.


  4. profundity in simplicity!! brilliant words and excuse the pun - rather "true" haha!! very nice!!

  5. Yes! I can swallow all kinds of nonsense if the coffee is good enough!

  6. love the added words " without a good cup of strong coffee ..." brilliant!

  7. nice...i could use some coffee right about now...and the truth is often hard to swallow or at least what they call truth...

  8. Expressly ESPRESSO for me, plz. Truth be told, plainly or otherwise, I like milk with that peanut butter thing. Hey, quit hitting me...OUCH!

  9. This is perfect creative sagacity...Very well done!

  10. Definitely need a good cup of strong coffee! Very philosophical - and very well done!

  11. Coffee and bread and the rest of the stuff though not real, yes- plain.
    I guess it's just the way we see or percieve things as such > the metaphor...

    you never know unless you convince yourself for it to be so...