Sunday, January 23, 2011

he was not mine....

"he was not ours...
      he was not mine..."
he was not who you might pretend he be
he was more than god....he was a man to me...

and I loved him such that breath
left low - as I find it now harrowing to let him go
as if this heart torn from my breast --

he was not sun
     he was not moon
he was not the hero you call from the skies
he was more than just love ....he was a friend to I

and last goodbyes are never well given
or spread - as they should in proper be... presented to
wind and sail freely across to rest --

he was not heaven
    nor was he grace
he was not the face sought by every sinners plea
no, he was more than a god...he was a man to me...

copyrighted 2011

Inspired by my favorite movie Out of Africa.....

Posted for One Shot Wednesday:...Where Poets, Writers and Artists meet...


  1. out of africa was a great movie...finding a man that can actually live up to the title can be a challenge...smiles.

  2. It is a great movie (and it inspired this great poem). What I liked about the movie the most, I think, is how it stayed true to the story by Isak Dineson.

  3. Yes Glynn it did...I read the book also...and was taken by now true the movie was...the music in this movie is haunting...I love all of it..maybe too because she was such a great storyteller....thank you I am glad you enjoyed it...bkm

  4. he may be a man,
    but the last stanza
    is surely divine.

  5. Beautiful! I absolutely love this! Of course, you have penned these deep emotions perfectly as you always do. I will keep this one marked and come back to it from time to time. So lovely :)

  6. I to loved that movie....this beautiful poem captures the essence of the movie perfectly Bkm.

  7. What a wonderful and romantic poem!!!!! You captured the essence of that love story so well here. I love it, bkm:)

  8. A terrific film - and a lovely, lush, romantic poem, Just beautiful!

  9. I've enjoyed Dinesen's stories, and I loved the movie. This is a beautiful poem, bkm. Thank you for sharing it!

  10. My favorite movie too. With your poem you've totally captured and expanded on the nuances of that scene. I always cry when she says that.

  11. Great words. Romantic and passionate.

  12. I just bought this book and I can't wait to read it now! He was more than a God, he was a man to me... Powerful words.

  13. Do you know I've never watched the film? I know that's an awful thing to admit but I lived the book so much the film could never live up to it. Haunting and echoing song like poem; he was a man to me...sigh...want him lol x

  14. Oh repressedsoul...even if you chosen not to watch the moving...on Youtube you can watch the piece where she is standing at the grave brings one to tears....blessings...bkm

  15. A love story, beautifully told, Barb.

  16. Beautiful and moving, and very true words; makes me want to see the movie again, too.

  17. I haven't seen the movie, but I enjoyed the poem. Thanks.

  18. It's been a long time since I've seen the movie, but it's one of those that stays with you. The photo plays perfectly with your haunting poem. Well done, bk.

  19. I liked the way you carried the quote into the piece and expanded upon it. Nice One Shot!

  20. This one sang to my romantic heart. I kept having images of me and you wearing pretty dresses back in the days of Shelly. Two good friends reading poetry out loud to each other daydreaming of true love. Don't ask me where that came from but if either of us finds a time machine lets go. :)

  21. Whheeww... sometimes, it's really hard to let go..
    And when it's someone soooo special, it just is an almost impossible task!

    Very well expressed here, bkm... honest and genuine...

    I haven't watched the movie yet, but the poem was simply beautiful..

  22. Thank you River...that is truly a beautiful thought...I feel I must have had a life or two during that me there should always be a Romantic Movement of some type going matter what the century be...bkm

  23. Very moving and a wonderful expression of love. ♥

  24. I felt you wrote this just for me. So beautifully expressed; so succinctly stated. Thank you. Gay @beachanny

  25. Amazing gracefully written, poignant story telling poem... sad though.


  26. Wow-worthy breathlessness to this one. Your usual exemplary stunning work.

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  28. When My Grandfather died, I needed to read something in honor of my Grandmother's love for him... I wish it could have been this beautiful poem you have written. It captured the essence of her love and loyalty to him through the 70+ years they were married. Out of Arica is one of my favorite's of all time, and your poem is now one as well. Blessings.