Monday, January 17, 2011

by the stair

when shall I linger by the stair
where I first met you standing there
you in coat, my long, long brown hair
where I first met you last December

when shall I linger by the stair
where a woolen  scraf so willingly shared
you wrapped it round my face and  hair
the beginnings of our love affair
when shall I meet you there

when shall I linger by the stair
my hair now cut your shoulders bare
the summer warmth still finds love shared
no given end to a this fond affair
when shall I linger by the stair
I shall meet you there....

copyrighted 2011


  1. the stair.

    "..If it takes for-ever I will wait for you"... (by the stair, of course) I will be that skeleton with one bony arm around the post-grin!!

    Sorry, I cannot be serious today--I HAVE tried.

  2. i don't normally like poems that rhyme, but you did this one beautifully... thank you :)

  3. smiles...hope they meet you there...after that write i would...if i were them...

  4. sweet and touching; i like it. Thank you.

  5. thank you...a simple piece..the excerise in Villanelle had me rhyming and so this was born...blessings..bkm

  6. This was really lovely and touching. I liked the whole image of meeting at the stair.

  7. Lovely simple lyrical poem. How does your romantic side reconcile with your chaotic side?
    Personally I'm a big fan of chaos. My favourite phrase which I use when talking to people about the future is "plan for chaos".

  8. thank you Lightverse and Little Hat...

    Little Hat - you have me thinking and I could write a whole essay on the subject of chaos as I relate to it. I do not take a negative or positive view of it, but more as the primal soup from which all things arise and fall back into. It being the guard of creativity and destruction. So romance is just one aspect of this soup that arises and falls, and as all things are born out of what is and before so the beauty and tragedy of love.
    Like I said..I could go on and on...hopefully this gives you some idea of how I view chaos.....bkm

  9. I love the beauty and romance of this poem, so full of nostalgia. I love the "long brown hair" and the shared scarf. Sigh. My romance quote for the day has just been filled:)

  10. Romantic, wending-into-itself work. Repetitive rhyme work is rarely enjoyable for me - I prefer fresh language work, but your excellent writing sense pretty much renders my usual bias moot. :)

  11. lingering by a stair never seems so warm, charming and suspensful. this is a delightful read...