Monday, December 27, 2010

Love Mortal

A Mortal Love I seek, I am not stone
Goddess's of past standing cold;
Rome's current shore- shown godless?
I have flesh, and
still it clings to supple bone, veined marrow

Comfort, none in promise
of a heaven that still thirsts
for my mortal soul, ... remorse held,
holding infinite death, that love would pass
from my partaking; and not
(... a martyr's fate - I refuse it's claim nor seek it's place
on a said judgement day)  For without it, Love...I am
but formless discontent, unforgivable by any winged angel or ether,
by any artisan's muse, lent full

Tell what earthen grave
would embrace  mortality's warmth/
expose an ashen soul to life? ...Love Mortal  itself is lone witness
to all posed as vital, human and willed perfectly finite....
as moon fulled to new
matched only by counted nights; Mortal?....I will
bear it in joy  -  Love, as word,or turn of tarot,
of fates
consecrating it - immutable
consecrating it - truth immortal...this

Love ... Mortal...

copyrighted 2010

Posted for One Shot Wednesday: Where Poets, Writers and Artists Meet


  1. "Tell what earthen grave
    would embrace mortality's warmth/
    expose an ashen soul to life?"

    Wonderfully written poem reminding that to experience love is to live such in the moment. Great depth and excellent wordplay, bkm.

  2. What a beautiful poem! Excellent contribution to One Shot!

  3. A very classical feel to this poem
    pretty display of words about Mortal love

    thanks for sharing with One shot and Happy New Year

    moonie hugs

  4. Without love, we are nothing.

    This is beautiful, B.K.

  5. This feels like a classical painting, brush strokes delicately, but definitively placed to create the depth of this Mortal love.

  6. Sigh.....this is breathtaking Bkm! Love does make the world go they say, and it always flows from your words....i love this one!

  7. Excellent contrast/melding of human and divine love, and of need, of mortality, of endurance. Your first line is absolutely timeless, your last stanza lyrical. Very nice work indeed, bkm.

  8. the pic fits the words so well - they both have the feeling of another time..beautiful

  9. This is brilliant. You have such a gift of bringing classical truths into contemporary manifestation. Especially like the last stanza.

    My one shot:

  10. Barb, this is beautiful.
    Happy New Year to you.

  11. It's all we know on earth and all we may ever know to paraphrase. For what else is there that binds us now and perhaps infinitely. Thank you, bkm.. Gay @beachanny

  12. Intriguing classicist stuff. Good flow, word choices, you know the drill. . .