Sunday, December 12, 2010

incommodious vexation...

there are shadows in my closet
they are safer there, beneath stacked thoughts

i call on them to calculate value
a banked commodity of sleepness nights

but there too i have stashed my walled angel
she still bears her wings and feather, to which i appear

to have developed some allergy to confrontation
of her character, but reference it as mere subjection

i hold my shadows discreetly clothed behind doors, never translucent
or seen with the comedy in my erroring....of late

i assumed divorcing them would proof me sainthood, however
they presented their own counter suit, awarded visitation

anxiously i settled out of court for separate rooms, saving me
from their late night howling and incommodious vexation

copyrighted 2010


  1. ha. those stacked thoughts and shadows awarded visitation...there are days i woul love to divorce a few of mine...but afraid they would stick around...

  2. bkm,
    Your selection of words is fantastic. It's way above. There are poems that need second/third readings. This is one. Brilliant.

  3. glad you came to some compromise with separating rooms ~ so you can 'shut the door' on their 'vexations' occasionally ~ loved it !! ~ Lib ~

  4. can i send some of my shadows over to your closet as well..? smiles - nice and deep writing - really enjoyed this

  5. To but light one candle.. ..smiles..

  6. Terrific--who wouldn't want to send their shadows into a separate room? Does it have a lock?

  7. You can really cut to human emotion. Another fanatastic poem.

  8. who knew the blog world, was with this much talent..congrates

  9. "I have stashed my walled angel"........"their late night howling and incommodious vexation". Wow, bkm........fantastically literate poem, with a satirical edge. Well done!

  10. Lovely writing here. I wish my shadows were only an uncomfortable irritation at times (smiles) is a bitch not to be perfect!

  11. I can relate, it almost feels like running away to escape the shadow of emotions.

  12. Lovely shadow writing on the wall
    Dancing for our reading pleasure

    Thank you.

  13. BKM, you have me thinking about shadows...we all have them, but don't often see them out. Nicely expressed.

  14. :) I enjoyed this one very much...I think because it's so easy to relate to. I used to keep my vexing shadows outside, but the constant knocking on my door vexed me even more ;)

  15. Thank you everyone, I have been thinking about shadows as of late...moving them in and out of closets, moving them from room to room...sometimes they are very quieting..seems other times...they demand alot of attention....your wonderful comments are so appreciated...bkm

  16. wonderful poem ..
    The last four lines...what to say..(sorry for my limitation of words....)
    Love your fantastic poem..

  17. Barbara,

    '. . . comedy in my erroring . . ." is choice!

    In the nature of shadows is no humor/mercy's in the sole of their boot/the absence of provisions in their passing/the quiet of their missing whisper


  18. Trulyfool...."the absence of provisions in their passing" that not what we all fear...with their passing the ulimate loneliness...? Somehow as long as we have their whisper...we retain security....even a false one....bkm

  19. It's been a while since the last time I have read such powerful poem. It really evoked my enthusiasm to interpret it the way I read it but I won't tell, I'll just keep it inside the dark alley of my mind.

  20. bkm,
    A beautiful poem.
    I love the idea of having separate rooms for shadows, at times!
    A delightful read.


  21. Definitely merits a second, third, etc., read through. Intriguing, thoughtful stuff.