Saturday, December 11, 2010

Anne Sexton: I Know your Kind...

Anne Sexton: I know your kind
of woman, your prescriptive poetry
a ward deemed Pulitzer....unworthily I
nursed on it, and
its straitjacket virtue does its own

unless I regress, I would not
claim content to your words...a woman
subject: to a following of wanton depressed....
a voice that served (you)
a blessing, but
refused to save you otherwise; logic
weighted too heavy a task..over therapy shocked
blind...(can you see now?)

Anne, little of you
can escape me, for I know Her Kind of woman
she nursed me...motherless, she nursed me
far to long and long ago to value
any form of padding or sheltered island
remedied as
painless.... I too have "done my hitch...
out of mind"

copyrighted 2010

for my mother who died Dec 12th, 2001....never having lived, she also had black hair. Referencing Anne Sexton's: "Her Kind"  ...bkm


  1. Incredible post. This seems so personal, I feel I shouldn't even comment, but I felt someone should....

  2. Barbara,

    I'm responding here to the several recent poems your site page shows -- you're more than a idle scribbler.

    It's funny. I always fear I get too 'serious'. Now I've met someone with something of that slant.

    Glad we're in contact. I'll follow your entries with interest.


  3. thank Neva and Trulyfool, it is personal but not in mother was a beautiful woman too, caught like Anne Sexton in the mental health system of the 60's like Anne she never recovered from it....but I came to terms with it long ago....bkm

  4. Oh, I am sorry about what happened to your mother. That is hard for a daughter to bear. You express those feelings beautifully, however. Thank you for sharing; it is very brave.

  5. such a moving piece, It is everything I wanted my Sylvia poem to from a few days ago.

  6. Thank you for sharing such a personal piece of work with us. I know your feelings about this topic from your other writings and wondered from where the inspiration came...

  7. Oh my, lovely and poignant. So sorry for you your mother, and for you...but you have crafted something beautiful from your sorrow.